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100 military honor guard in the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal with an average height of 1 meters 87- Sohu Military Channel 70 gun salute throughout the world, "Anthem" and majestic, the Tiananmen square on the parade by the pace of sonorous, majestic mighty array…… In 2015, the "9 – 3" Victory Day parade was the most ambitious and far-reaching event in the minds of the Chinese people. CCTV Spring Festival language program group director Jiangsu told reporters, as early as in September last year when the topic planning, they are determined to "9, 3" Victory Day parade as the theme to build a program, show the Chinese soldiers in the strong army road high morale and era charm. In order to create the parade show, from the creative to the story script conception, screening, preliminary setting, to modify the script, and even overthrow the reconstruction of construction, a script, grinding, and polishing, repeated rehearsal, creative team has experienced a long process of pain and joy. In order to be true, vivid and accurate, in the process of creation, the creative team repeatedly demonstrates each detail, every sentence is carefully examined, and even every clothing, every props are excelsior. In order to collect creative materials and draw fresh stories from reality, the director group found the CCTV Military Channel reporter who participated in the parade report, through the reporter’s view, looking for the angle of artistic creation. In order to make the program more real and accurate, the director group specially invited the instructors of Beijing military region as the creative consultant, and checked the details of the program. Jiangsu said: "for this program, we hope to respect the reality of the basis of artistic creation. So many elements in the program are real, and some dramatic expressions can also find prototypes." The program from the screenwriter, director, and then the actors, are soldiers. The show’s creative team, the longest length of military service for nearly 50 years, the shortest 16 years of military service, and has starred in comedy, drama, film and television drama performing experience, have played a military role. Looking at the military actors in the program of hard work and diligence, Jiangsu moved to say: "military actors often rehearse until midnight, very hard, but they never say tired, this is the characteristics of soldiers.". Although the content of the program has been watched countless times in the rehearsal room, but when the first appearance of the program in CCTV Studio 1, we feel very shocked, everyone in the director group tears." In the CCTV studio platoon, admission of the 100 armed guard of honor, the vast majority of officers and men have participated in the parade, the average height of 1 meters 87. Yan Yuanhouyong, the soldier who participated in the program, said, "we have all seen this parade. At that time, the shock was not a statement. Today, the parade of honor guards is invited to the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, and I think the exciting scene will be shown in front of everyone. This time, in the program, I close contact with the armed police guard officers and soldiers, rehearsing together, telling the parade of moving stories, let me even more experience as a soldier’s pride. I want to share this feeling with the audience on the stage of the Spring Festival gala." According to the introduction, the program will also be combined with other stages of stage performance, packaging means, open up into a plate, not only the program form!

100名三军仪仗队员参加春晚彩排 平均身高1米87-搜狐军事频道  70响礼炮响彻寰宇,《义勇军进行曲》高亢雄壮,天安门广场上的受阅兵阵步伐铿锵、雄姿威武……2015年,“9?3”胜利日大阅兵是国人心目中最长志气、意义深远的大事。央视春晚语言节目组导演江苏告诉记者,早在去年9月进行选题策划时,他们就决心要以“9?3”胜利日大阅兵为题材打造一个节目,展现中国军人在强军路上的昂扬斗志和时代风采。   为了创作好这个阅兵节目,从创意筛选,到故事构思、剧本初步定型,再到剧本修改,乃至推翻重建构建,一次次的剧本修改、打磨、提高,以及反复地打磨排练,主创团队经历了一个漫长的痛并快乐着的过程。为了真实、生动、准确,在创作过程中,主创团队对每个细节都反复论证、每一句台词都仔细推敲,甚至每一件服装、每一个道具都精益求精。为了收集创作素材,从现实中汲取鲜活的故事,导演组找到当时参与阅兵报道的央视军事频道记者,通过记者的所见所闻,寻找角度进行艺术创作。为了让节目更加真实准确,导演组还特别请到了北京军区教官担任创作顾问,对节目的细节进行把关。江苏说:“对于这个节目,我们希望能在尊重现实的基础上,进行艺术创作。所以节目中许多元素都是真实的,有些戏剧化的表达也都可以找到原型。”   该节目从编剧,到导演,再到演员,均为军人。该节目的主创团队中,军龄最长的近50年,军龄最短的16年,且主演均有小品、话剧、影视剧的表演经验,也都塑造过军人角色。看过军人演员在节目创作中的刻苦和勤奋,江苏感动地说:“军人演员们经常排练到半夜,非常辛苦,但他们从来不说累,这就是军人的特质。尽管节目内容在排练厅里看了无数遍,但当节目第一次出现在央视1号演播厅时,我们感到很震撼,导演组的每个人都眼含泪花。”   在央视演播厅联排时,入场的100名三军仪仗队官兵绝大多数都参加过大阅兵,平均身高1米87。参与该节目表演的军人演员侯勇说:“这次大阅兵,我们都看了,当时那种震撼无以言表。今天把参加阅兵的仪仗部队请到春晚的舞台,我想阅兵那激动人心的场景又会浮现在大家眼前。这次在节目中,我与三军仪仗队官兵近距离接触、一起排练表演,讲述阅兵中发生的感人故事,让我更加体会到作为一名军人的骄傲。我希望把这份感动在春晚的舞台上与观众们分享。”   据介绍,该节目还将小品与其他舞台表演方式、包装手段相结合,打通成为一个板块,不仅节目形式上有所创新,在内容上也将会有更新颖的尝试,力求成为一个亮点节目。因此,该节目已经不仅仅是一个人们通常概念里的小品了,而是一个内容和形式都非常丰富的节目。在江苏个人看来,这个节目有特点,有新意;有震撼,有感动。   剧透这么多,让我们好好期待“猴年春晚”上这个阅兵题材节目吧!相关的主题文章: