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14 years old girl repeatedly arrested drug methamphetamine addiction not insisted that the April 26th news (reporter correspondent Li Tao Yuan Guoqiang) 14 years old, spend the same age, should be in school learning. Who lives in Anqiu but dropped out early on Xiaofang, society, in the undesirables lured with drugs of bad habits. 26, the reporter was informed that, due to multiple drug use by the Anqiu Xiaofang, police administrative detention for 7 days. Born in 2000, Xiao Fang, in rural areas, did not finish junior high school drop out at home, then could not resist the temptation of city life, regardless of family persuasion, alone came to the city "into the world away from home". However, neither the young Xiaofang social experience, and proficiency in a particular line quickly in the flashy, get lost. In order to live, Xiaofang made some bad elements in the society, in their lure, grew on the smoking and alcohol are many bad habits. In March this year, Fang an unemployed divorced man Hu induced, first try to methamphetamine. Since then, Xiao Fang Hu and several drugs together, gradually into a "poison Tan" without knowing it. In April 21st, the Anqiu Municipal Public Security Bureau police station arrested in the city to carry out anti drug work will be monitored by Xiao Fang, her methamphetamine urine test positive. Face inquiry, Xiao Fang insists that methamphetamine is not addictive, and the drugs are not on their body hurt much. However, when the police mentioned the word "ice", Xiao Fang’s eyes will be significantly different from the usual. 26 day, the reporter was informed that, according to the relevant laws and regulations, has reached 14 years Xiaofang, was sentenced to administrative detention on 7’s police punishment.   14岁少女多次吸毒被拘 坚称吸食冰毒不会上瘾   本报4月26日讯(记者 李涛 通讯员 苑国强) 14岁,花一样的年龄,本应该在学校读书学习。而家住安丘的小芳却辍学,早早踏上社会,在社会不良分子的引诱下染上吸食毒品坏习惯。26日,记者获悉,小芳因多次吸毒,被安丘警方行政拘留7日。   生于2000年的小芳,家在农村,初中未读完就辍学在家,此后经不住城市生活的诱惑,不顾家人规劝,独自远离老家来到城里“闯天下”。然而,年轻的小芳既无社会经验,又无一技之长,很快在浮华之中迷失了方向。为了生活,小芳结交了一些社会不良分子,在他们的引诱下,渐渐染上了吸烟、酗酒等许多陋习。   今年3月份,小芳在一名无业离异男子胡某的诱导下,第一次尝试了吸食冰毒。此后,小芳与胡某又多次聚在一起吸毒,逐渐陷入“毒潭”而不自知。   4月21日,安丘市公安局城里派出所在开展禁毒工作中将小芳抓获,经监测她的甲基安非他命尿检呈阳性。面对询问,小芳坚称吸食冰毒不会上瘾,而毒品对自己的身体也不会造成多大伤害。然而,每当民警提到“冰”这个字眼时,小芳的眼神就会明显异于平常。   26日,记者获悉,根据有关法律规定,已满14周岁的小芳,被安丘警方处以行政拘留7日处罚。  相关的主题文章: