2011 Gold Jewelry Trends-sorpack

Jewelry-Diamonds Mans love affair with jewelry has been a part of his existence since time immemorial. Every culture in history had its own unique styles of body adornment. It has been a long journey from primitive mans simple necklaces made of shells and seeds to todays intricate body art designs in materials as diverse as metals, synthetic materials, precious stones and even fabric. Still the more things change, the more they remain the same. The world gold council announced the following possible international trends in (in Dennish guld smykker ) at the beginning of this year. Predicted (In Dennish smykker ) designs include: Symbolism pendants, charm bracelets etc that convey a secret or hidden message Delicate and dainty designs that are perfect with both casual wear as well as add a touch of femininity to office wear. Rather than copy these trends blindly, try and adapt them to your personal style aesthetic for maximum pleasure. For example, say you want to try out a statement necklace but are used to more delicate, subdued designs till now. Rather than buy a regular statement piece and hope your dis.fort doesnt show, .bine a large pendant with a long thin chain worn in multiple loops for your own take on the trend. For instance, there are these really cute owl pendants that are just adorable and perfect for wearing with a simple dress or tunic. Not only will you score points with the fashion police, theyll also make the prefect conversation pieces. Finally, always remember that while gold is an investment, there is no point buying an ornament if you feel un.fortable or unattractive when wearing it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: