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Before 2016 August China largest land port automobile import break 150 million yuan – Beijing Beijing in September 22 Manchuria Xinhua News (reporter Li Aiping) 22, Inner Mongolia Manchuria inspection and Quarantine Bureau statistics show, January 2016 – August, the Manchuria Port imported a total of 330 vehicles, cargo value break 150 million yuan, an increase of 223.25% and 276% respectively. Manchuria port is China’s largest land port, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is the only vehicle import port. At the end of 2014, Manchuria Port imported cars from the 2015 recovery, Pobai vehicles, 100 million for the rapid growth of value delivery model has become the new development of China import and export trade. The official news that the economic slowdown in Russia, Manchuria import and export trade of the overall environment of poor background, Manchuria inspection and Quarantine Bureau to promote the third party test results admissible and other initiatives, effectively shorten the customs clearance time, reduce vehicle port retention, security of imported cars quickly put into the fast. It is reported that the development of imported auto business in Manchuria has been the development of the enterprise from the initial 1 to nearly 20. (end)相关的主题文章: