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Yankees: Battle of Bayern cattle Jiepan Huo Cun Naples Yankees anti lost two lottery winning color 16170 cattle together four big League Premier League Bundesliga Serie A La Liga giants many powers, including six teams in Bayern, "Doctor, Manchester, Naples and horse sports involving the week in the Champions League Cup, and winning, intensive schedule players can hardly be avoided constantly on the run. The victory in Europe refers to as many as ten games support the disc half above the market, seemingly bile material everywhere, but many popular screenings for Eurasian disc data anomalies, combined with caution against the unpopular schedule. 01 Bournemouth VS   Bournemouth [10]10 30 Sunderland; round 3 wins 3 flat 4 negative middle ranking, nearly four round 3 wins, 1 unbeaten home court, recently by 0-0 and Tottenham stuffy hemisphere; Sunderland [20]2 flat 8 negative be ranked bottom for the Premier League, so far only victorious team. The two teams last season played two rounds unbeaten dominated Bournemouth found off. Europe refers to the 99 average 1.61  3.94 =   equivalent to 5.47 disk main let half a 0.90 water surface hot degree is not high. William, Hill. 1.67  3.80  5 and 1.60 4.00    = Libo; 5.50 three discrete, William Hill Premier League home team 3 win not lose juesha. Check lottery 30. 02 VS   31 Burnley Crystal Palace; two teams with 3 wins 2 flat 5 negative ranked second, newly promoted Burnley [14] nearly two rounds of 2-1 and 0-0 on the road found Everton and Manchester United after boring upset, 3 home court wins 1 flat 2 negative record is [13]; Crystal Palace nearly four wheel 1 flat 3 negative winless, 2 wins away 1 flat 2 negative has ups and downs. Track 6 Burnley wins 11 flat 7 negative, including home court 4 wins 5 flat 3 negative. Europe refers to the 99 average 3.21  3.21  2.30: equivalent to 0.98 disc guest Let flat half high water disc potential adverse. William Hill: 3.10.   3.10:   3.30  = 2.40 and 3.25 =   Libo; adjust the differences of 2.25 large easy footwall. Check lottery 31. 03 Manchester city VS   [1] Manchester City 3 Middlesbrough; midweek Champions League 3-1 found Barcelona League 7 wins 2 flat 1 negative from the top, 3 wins, 2 unbeaten home court; the newly promoted Middlesbrough [15]2 4 wins 4 losses ranked second, away 1 wins 3 flat 1 negative mediocre record. Trailing Manchester City 6 wins 5 flat 11 negative, including home court 4 wins 3 flat 4 negative ". Europe refers to the 99 average 1.21  6.32  = 13.45; equivalent to two disk main let the ball half can be opened, but on the net a few balls. Radio 3 lottery. 04 West Ham VS Storck city   10 West Ham [17]3 wins 1 flat 6 negative ranked fourth, the opponent does not score wins.相关的主题文章: