Be vigilant! The relationship between infant feeding bottle feeding and psychological abnormality in solid converter

Be vigilant! Relationship between bottle feeding and childhood sexual psychology abnormal maternal [children] Sohu said the original, reproduced please standard source serial rape and murder suspect Gao Chengyong, in the past 28 years, with the rape and murder of cruel means 11 plump women, including a 8 year old girl, some victims of the private parts of flesh was cut off. When their co-workers were afraid to say, Gao Chengyong look at the red jacket woman’s eyes, peace is not the same. Many psychological experts said that the abnormal psychology of Gao Chengyong and aggravated with the victim’s blood increased, light and harm acts to stimulate sexual pleasure. So, why to make silver raped Yinv look strange? Freud believes that abnormal sexual behavior is the child’s sexual behavior, sexual behavior of adults, most of the time with children’s psychological development is not related to the. As parents, how can we ensure that the child’s mental health? The children said that the cause of children’s psychological abnormality has the following 3 aspects: psychological obstacles to the development of 0-1 years old pure bottle feeding premature weaning age of 1, the psychological development of children’s performance for oral, oral baby is the most important part of the body to meet happiness, "a sense of" focus on the part of the lips. The baby to suck mother’s nipple to achieve psychological satisfaction. At this stage, if the mother premature baby weaning (British experts do not recommend that within 3 months of the baby weaning), or due to lack of breast-feeding, failing to breastfeed your baby, the baby after birth has been accepted by the plastic nipple, baby’s oral has not been fully satisfied, it will hinder the development of the baby psychology the. 1-3 years old children to the toilet training early 1 to 3 years of age, psychological development stage is mainly manifested in the anal stage, with anal sphincter development, children’s "pleasure" move to the anus, spontaneous defecation is the main method to satisfy the sexual instinct. In general, 2 years after the baby can control the size to a certain extent, if early in training before the age of 2 toilet, can also lead to psychological obstacles to the development of baby. Even at the age of 2 after the process of training children in the toilet, because if a young baby can well control the defecation, direct excretion in trousers or bedding, bed, cause to be reprimanded adults or adults brutally beaten, forced defecation, will have a serious negative impact on children’s psychology. 3-6 years old children play with shame genital 3 to 6 years old is the child of bud stage, the "pleasure zone" to the genitals, some children earlier, such as more than 2 years old, will be through with pants to bedding, leg in children, or touching with genital. If you find these behaviors in children, or children get excited over a little thing to stop the behavior and abuse shame children, even children labeled "lady-killer" label, will let the child feel dirty, ugly, Lenovo, is not conducive to children’s mental growth. If the adults found their children at home in these acts, it is recommended as a child to touch the hands and feet, and other natural things, in fact, is the case, because the child does not understand this.相关的主题文章: