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Take a picture on the display of food calories, I cause weight loss and saved to the exploration of science and technology – Sohu once hard to lose weight, before each meal must be logged in a special query calorie website, first calculate the weight of the fruit a staple meat meal, then their calorie counting, add up to more than 800 calories…… Adhere to a week without feeling mentally and physically exhausted! Later found a small probe: in fact, a lot of people around like this! We have said that although this particular effort, but for weight loss is quite helpful…… No way, and the fat king is to combat time-consuming wits! However, the development of science and technology is always to make human life easier and better! So today, there is a APP launched a new feature to make weight loss easier, immediately triggered the American people frozen chicken forwarding and download. The APP name is Lose It! (with the exclamation mark is), a new function called Snap It, Niubi just holding a mobile phone to sweep the picture of the food, it is telling you how much calories! Egg lobster avocado, Bacon chicken pasta, you can freely mix, all the big sale, you can not only know their heat, can know what their nutrients, is really simple and practical time! Well, a little excited, this feature is currently still in the beta version of Beta, it is able to identify future goals in addition to all the food, in addition to basic food items, and supermarkets sell packaged candy chocolate waffles and so on. It Lose! The function of using the most advanced image recognition technology, and can also be found in many kinds of food in a picture (such as salad vegetables, egg and beef), you can choose a kind of food alone in the photographs, understand its heat, beyond the tolerance range would clip out don’t eat…… (you may not believe: once small Fried rice with egg eat do not eat eggs say rice…… This is what kind of perseverance ah! Of course given by APP is a heat value estimate, and not at some time to identify the details, for example if you give a plate of sushi pictures, you might need to find out the specific name list of sushi manually in the show and it contains ingredients. Clip sushi and salmon sushi cucumber heat difference in what! If you continue to use Lose It! The Snap It function, which will record the amount of calories you take in your daily intake of calories, is a form that gives you an intuitive feel. Currently the APP in Apple Store and Google Play, as well as Amazon Kindle can be downloaded for free. I looked at the temple — in the fridge all the contestants, small said: never happy hard luck arrangement plan. More articles to the WeChat public number: Silicon Valley agents seeking to report please add WeChat guigumitan02, micro-blog & official website; @ Silicon Valley spy相关的主题文章: