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Changsha "vegetable basket" subsidy declaration   supermarkets, direct sales stores up to 100 thousand yuan subsidy – Hunan Channel – People’s network, Changsha "vegetable basket" direct selling project related to thousands of households "vegetable basket"". The reporter learned today, Changsha Shi Nongwei, Changsha Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other departments jointly issued the "2016 annual Changsha" vegetable basket "project (direct price regulation) guide subsidy project declaration" (hereinafter referred to as the "Application guide") announced Changsha of "food basket" direct price subsidies, in which a single supermarket stores, direct sales stores the maximum subsidy of not more than 100 thousand yuan. From today until October 22nd this year, enterprises (units) in line with the project declaration conditions can register online. According to the "Application guide", "food basket" special offer supermarket direct subsidies, required to declare enterprises (units): annual distribution of Furong district, Tianxin District, Yuelu District, Kaifu District, Yuhua District, high tech Zone area of 2500 square meters of the supermarket 10 above, and are respectively provided with a proprietary area, signed a purchase and sale contract area; the total amount of 2 yuan less than the supermarket supply every jins "special offer food" shall not be less than 10 thousand pounds, "special offer food" varieties of not less than 5, the leafy vegetable varieties of not less than 2. The store "food basket" special offer direct subsidies for "food basket" direct store must be linked to management of enterprises as the main reporting, reporting companies above self-employed or holding 51% of the standardization of agricultural products in the direct sales stores, Changsha City, Changsha County city to achieve a total of 10 or more, or in the city, Liuyang City, Ningxiang county total more than 5 stores in June 1, 2016; direct selling business; less than 2 yuan a day varieties of Jin "special offer food" not less than 5, the leafy vegetable varieties of not less than 2. Supermarkets, stores if the quality and safety measures are not perfect, the occurrence of major agricultural products quality safety accident or cause significant social negative impact, will veto. In accordance with the project reporting conditions of enterprises (units) can log Changsha Municipal Finance Bureau website (), online registration from the "Changsha city public project development funds management platform" at the same time to the entrance, under the jurisdiction of counties (cities) submitted to the competent administrative department of agriculture of the written application materials. (reporter Chen Yuehong) related links "food basket" subsidy standard supermarket "food basket" special offer direct subsidy according to December 2015 to November 2016 "special offer food distribution given the amount of not more than 0.3 yuan catty price subsidies; Direct stores business area and according to the" food basket "product sales or distribution in total price subsidies given classification, key the actual operating subsidies, subsidies for chain management enterprise shall not be higher than a single subsidy of 10% stores. Single supermarket stores, Direct stores, the maximum subsidy is not more than 100 thousand yuan. "Food basket" grant Changsha origin "vegetable basket" project direct subsidy project will play the role of financial capital to guide and "food basket" product price regulation, to better promote the city "food basket" project, guarantee market supply, price stability and safety. The project is open to the public declaration, encourage innovation, public service, arbitration principle, to declare the project) 长沙“菜篮子”补贴申报 超市、直销门店最高可获10万元补助–湖南频道–人民网    长沙市“菜篮子”直销工程关乎千家万户的“菜篮子”。记者今天获悉,长沙市农委、长沙市发改委等部门联合印发的《2016年度长沙市“菜篮子”直销工程(价格调控)补助项目申报指南》(下称《申报指南》)公布,长沙将对“菜篮子”直销产品价格进行补贴,其中单个超市门店、直销门店最高补助不超过10万元。今天起至今年10月22日,符合项目申报条件的企业(单位)可网上注册申报。   据《申报指南》,超市“菜篮子”特价直销补贴,要求申报企业(单位):常年配送芙蓉区、天心区、岳麓区、开福区、雨花区、高新区面积过2500平方米的超市10家以上,并分别设有自营专区,签订有专区购销等合同;每天供应超市低于2元 斤的“特价菜”总量不得少于1万斤,“特价菜”品种不少于5个,其中叶类菜品种不少于2个。   门店“菜篮子”特价直销补贴,要求“菜篮子”直销门店必须以连锁管理企业为主体申报,申报企业自营或控股51%以上的农产品标准化直销门店,在长沙市区、长沙县城区累计达到10家以上,或在望城区、浏阳市、宁乡县城区累计达到5家以上;直销门店在2016年6月1日前营业;每天低于2元 斤的“特价菜”品种不少于5个,其中叶类菜品种不得少于2个。   超市、门店如果质量安全保障措施不健全,发生重大农产品质量安全事故或造成重大社会负面影响的,一律否决。   符合项目申报条件的企业(单位)可登录长沙市财政局网站(),从“长沙市公共项目发展专项资金管理平台”入口进行网上注册申报,同时向所辖区县(市)农业行政主管部门提交书面申报材料。(记者 陈月红)   相关链接   “菜篮子”补贴标准   超市“菜篮子”特价直销补贴按2015年12月至2016年11月“特价菜”配送量给予不超过0.3元 斤的价格补贴;直销门店按经营面积及“菜篮子”产品销售额或当年配送总量分类给予价格补贴,重点补贴实际经营户,连锁管理企业所占补贴不得高于单个门店补贴的10%。单个超市门店、直销门店最高补助不超过10万元。   “菜篮子”补助由来   长沙市“菜篮子”直销工程补助项目将发挥财政资金引导和“菜篮子”产品价格调控作用,更好地推进该市“菜篮子”工程建设,保障菜市场供应、价格稳定和质量安全。项目立项以公开申报、鼓励创新、公益服务、扶优扶强为原则,申报项目要符合农产品“基地直供、集中配送、连锁销售”发展模式,接受政府价格调控,建有配送中心,订单、发货、计量、分拣、冷链、仓储、包装、监控、收银系统齐全的农产品直销企业或超市。 (责编:曾璐、陈沁星)相关的主题文章: