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Movies-TV Miley Ray Stewart (aka Hannah Montana) leads a dead ringer life. By day it is the average teenager, and at night is incredibly pre-eminent and popular singer Hannah Montana. She hails from Tennessee, like other members of her dynasty, but now lives in Malibu, California with his father and .panion Jackson, which is constantly in conflict. Sometimes they act as ideal brother and sister, and sometimes just can not arise each other. Mom Miley Stewart died three months ahead of moving, and her father Robby Ray decided to abandon their jobs and consecrate themselves to children. He also served as manager of Hannah Montana. Miley trusts his biggest stealthily of two best friends – Lilly Truscott and Oliver Oken. But because of his replicate life she always be dressed different problems and situations that she has to suppress.At school she has enemies – two terrible girl Amber Addison and Ashley Dyuitt who constantly ill-treated her, but they are a fan of Hannah Montana. And, of positively, like everyone else, they do not recognize who is actually Miley. Later, Stewart gets reach-me-down to his new school and even meets a famed actor Jake Ryan. Their relationship is too intricate. By nature of Miley’s renowned sense of humor, she’s hardly unflappable. Often faced with people who like Hannah Montana, but not like she or blemish versa. Like varied girls her age, Miley is vulnerable, especially when her household members or friends, be excluded from it, so at times she has to go to extreme measures to square such situations. Dalliance Miley Stewart (Hannah Montana) Josh was the first guy with whom met Miley. She tried to demonstrate him love Hannah Montana, which he hated. The strive was .pletely failed. Travis Brody – a adolescence friend, whom viewers outset saw in the feature film "Hannah Montana". They liked each other, but concealed it up until after a while formerly again not met. But a romantic relationship, the double failed due to the fact that they survive in different parts of the nation. Oliver was desperately in love with Hannah Montana (we learn in the before all two series) until I knew that this was his subdue friend. Derek – the cousin Lucas. Lilly finds it to Miley was talented to go on a date. He was terribly jumpy of watching horror movies, but this conversation was the worst in my life Miley. Miley having fun on Jesse McCartney. In a trice she saw a falling star and make room a wish, that he mow down in love with Hannah Montana. Gullermo Montoya beautiful Miley, but she was not attracted by his passion for tennis. Rico to the ears of Miley has a crowd. He also kissed her, and in the help season, be.es the predominant .petitor. Jake Ryan has a identify new school. Miley has a smash on him, but jealous and tries to do the whole possible to guy jealous of her too. Later, they kissed. During one of the .bined show Jake falls in devotion with her. Soon Miley confesses to him and says his biggest secret. At firstly, everything seems to be gone amiably, but eventually he lost his hotheadedness and they broke off relations. After that Jake is her colleague. Trey met with Miley on the margin during the opening of the new playground. His parents are altogether receptive and laugh with Miley because of her inflection, because they considered themselves too intelligent. Willis became a guinea a guy who benefited from Miley to take to one’s heels Jake jealous. In the end it turned out that he’s no greater than 11 years old. Seemingly, he looked much older. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: