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Arts-and-Entertainment Marketing and advertising of any business plays an important role in revenue generation. No matter the .pany is new, old or established in their business areas; they have to take help of marketing and advertising campaigns time to time. In order to promote their business and brand name .panies adopt several types of marketing strategies, most popular one’s are direct marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing and media marketing. Direct marketing is a traditional form of marketing that is still relevant. With effective use of traditional direct marketing tools, marketers are able to reap maximum possible benefit of their business. Business cards, product brochures, flyers, postcards etc. are some popular marketing tools being used in direct marketing campaigns. Each of them has their own significance, but business cards stands on top with their multi dimensional use in marketing. Your business card is true representative of your business. They are silent tools that speak a lot about you and your business. The business cards reflect your business, the quality of your products and services, and most importantly your contact information. Your business cards reflect your business in best form in least cost. Due to their importance in direct marketing, business owners give stress of design and contents being appeared on business cards. A perfect business card should have an attractive design, neat and clean reflection of the cardholder’s name, designation, and contact information. Putting brief contact detail of organization is a popular approach these days. Nowadays, people prefer printing business cards of both sides. Usually they print all contact information and .pany logo in front and major product or service details being offered to their customers on back of business cards. Effective use of business cards is very important in order to get maximum benefits out of your marketing campaigns. Be careful while handling your business cards to people in business conferences. Do not to convey your name and .anization clearly in brief before handling your business cards. Follow same ethics while receiving other people business cards. Always remember that, you can win the battle only if you know the skills of fighting and using your weapons in best possible manner. Same thing happens in your marketing campaigns. You need to use your marketing tools strategically. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: