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UnCategorized Barcelona, is the place where the most important expressions of Gaudy’s art are present, but there are some of his works that you should not miss. Antonio Gaudi most famous works: 1. The Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia (1884-1926) Most people know this Roman Catholic church as the Sagrada Familia. The Sagrada Familia has been under construction going back as far as 1882 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Construction will continue until the year 2026. It is considered by many to be Gaudi’s most revered work. This church is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Spain. Public worship service and public touring is scheduled to begin around September 2010. 2. Casa Vicens (1883-1889) Casa Vicens, a family residence, that was built for Manuel Vicens. Manuel Vicens was an industrialist and this was Antonio Gaudi first important assignment. Casa Vicens is located in Barcelona, Spain in the Gracia District. The location is Carrer de les Carolines 24 and the site is very small but the residence is 12,000 in square feet. 3. Crypt of the Church of Colonia Guell (1898-1916) This church is an unfinished work of Gaudi’s. The church was a place of worship. People that live around the suburbs of Santa Coloma de Cervello. The Church of Colonia Guell was an idea that was crafted by Count Eusebi de Guell. Guell had a business and his in.e was running out so Gaudi could only .plete the crypt. 4. Casa Calvet (1899-1904) Casa Calvet is a residence and a .mercial property. It is located at the Eixample district of Barcelona, Catalonia at 1900 Carrer de Casp 48. Antonio Gaudi historians say that this building was one of his most unusual works. 5. Casa Batllo (1905-1907) This building was restored and built in 1877 but it was remodeled from 1905-1907. This is also located in the Eixample district of Barcelona, Catalonia. The building is known for its local name which is Casa dels ossos. In English translation means "house of bones" for it’s skeletal design. This build is like most of Gaudi’s work, it is mesmerizing. 6. Park Guell (1900-1914) This garden .plex is on a hill sitting on el Carmel located in the Gracia district of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. 7. Casa Mila (1905-1907, .pleted in 1912) Casa Mila also known as La Pedrera was built for a married couple Pera Mila and Rosario Segimon. The couple was wealthy and their residence is in the Eixample district of Barcelona, Catalonia at 92 Passeig de Gracia. 8. Palau Guell (1885-1889) This home is based on one particular room, an entertainment hot spot for wealthy guests. Guests would enter into the home while riding horse carriages from the iron gates. The horses were kept in a stable down in the basement where servants lived. The guests would go upstairs and enjoy the entertainment. This home is very beautiful. Antonio Gaudi’s legacy was not always grand. Many citizens criticized his work but over time his work has be.e world renowned. Gaudi is now known as one of the world’s most famous architects. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: