Alon Hollidaychose African American Fathers As A Subject For His Dissertation-若槻ゆうか

Self-Improvement Alon Hollidayis a highly educated with a Doctorate in Educational Administration from theDowling College located in Shirley, New York. He is also a very thoughtful person who wants to contribute to the welfare of the society in every way he can. That is one of the reasons why he chose African American fathers as the subject of hisdissertation for the doctorate degree. The actual topic of the dissertation was,"How .munity College African American Students With or Without a Father or Male Surrogate Presence at Home Develop Their Personal Identity, Academic Self-Concept, Race Theory, Social Sensitivity, Resiliency, and Vision of Their Own Success and the Influence on Their Academic Achievement".Alon Hollidaygave a lot of thought to this topic before finalizing on it and decided to go ahead with it after he was sure that the results of his research would prove to be helpful for a lot of people. What makes this topic even more important is that no research had been done on this theme ever before. There are some studies and researches that have been conducted on African American students from various angles before but the effect of having or not having a father or a male guardian was never analyzed before. The topics for the previous studies done on the African American covered fields like performance in sports, academic achievements, and the role played by the mothers in the students" success.Alon Hollidaywas convinced that the presence of a father or male guardian has to have a profound effect on the child and how he shapes up into an adult. Therefore, he started a detailed and through study to .pare what his instinct told him with actual facts. In his study,Alon Holliday.pared children with no male figure in their lives to the ones that have a father or at least a male guardian or a surrogate guide them and take care of them. He studied the influence that the presence of a father or a male guardian has on the development of six dimensions in a child. Personal identity, social sensitivity, academic self-concept, resilience, race theory, and vision of own success. The results proved that his instincts were absolutely correct and showed that children who have a father or a male surrogate definitely have a marked advantage over those who don’t. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: