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Site-Promotion Over the years, industry professionals have looked for ways to telecommute. Whether the needs stems from a desire to spend more time with family, save on time and gas, or simply have increased flexibility in schedules, more and more people have looked for ways to work from home. Hundreds of companies have focused their attention on this growing group of individuals and have touted thousands of different ways for them to make money in a home based business. Some of these companies have targeted the self-employed, but most tout the benefits of creating extra wealth beyond the confines of a regular job. ITV Ventures provides individuals with the opportunity to work when and how they please, to determine their level of growth with their business, and provides a system of support to increase the individuals profit and potential. More than a few companies require a large up front cost of either time or money in order for an individual to begin reaping the rewards promised by the program. This sacrifice not only depletes the resources of the individual, it also increases stress and resentment towards the company, causing a lack of passion for the business. This lack of passion and trust then manifests itself through sales, resulting in increased loss of resources. ITV Ventures requires very little investment and automatically provides the home-based business owner with the resources necessary to start creating income immediately. The ITV team set up a system and network of partners and products to assist any individual in finding their desired level of work and income. ITV Ventures believes that individuals working for themselves should not have to work by themselves. Although every home based business is different, the best and most successful of these ventures are ones in which an individual has the flexibility to work in their spare time and later have the option of working full time. Because ITV Ventures eliminates all the paperwork, inventory, and advertising usually associated with home based businesses, ITV has created a flexible work environment to fit into anyones schedule. ITV Ventures has patented a system where calls arriving from new and existing customers are rerouted to ITV partners, allowing individuals to receive orders. Each individual ITV partner, or independent business owner (IBO), chooses when he or she would like to work and can immediately take orders and enter information into the system. Since ITV holds all the inventory and processes paperwork, the ITV partners only need to take orders from customers and enter them into a home computer. ITV creates the advertisements and infomercials for the products while the IBOs continue to make money off of the orders from enthusiastic consumers. ITV also allows each IBO to not only test the products, but also choose which product to sell. Individuals can only create enthusiasm and passion for products in which they believe and understand. ITV encourages their partners to try all the products and even provides samples of all the products to IBOs who join at the highest level. Individual business partners can then determine which products they want to sell and, based on their decisions, determine how many calls they want to take for each product at any given time. Home-based IBOs have complete control over their work schedule, product sales, and financial goals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: