Believing Is Like Magic-jcuv是什么车

Spirituality Have you ever failed at something and felt so bad that you didn’t want to get out of bed? Have you ever lost someone, or lost something, that also took your hopes and dreams down the drain? Have you ever believed in something or wanted something so much that it seemed like it was true, only to have your heart ripped out of you when you got dissapointed that it did not happen or turned out to be something else? I know that you probably have. It’ s human nature after all. And each time it happened, those are traumatic experiences that, in my own universe, are all healed for you. It might be hard for you to even read this article, because your dreams and what you believe in has been taken away from you, or even beaten out of you by reality, so many times that you wouldn’t even want to read another word about believing. Well, I am not here to offer to take your problems away. I just want to remind you now, that your dreams, your beliefs, your hopes, and your wishes, are spiritual powers that you can use. People say, "no one can take that all away from you", well maybe that is true, but things can and do happen that make you feel like not using those great powers of yours ever again. Yet they are your powers to use anytime. In the past few years, since working with my own mind, using the techniques in the mind power system I publish, I enjoy amazing tangible results, that I can’t deny, using my belief, faith, and imagination. Did you know that these spiriitual powers are capable of having an enormous impact on your material life?.When belief, faith, and imagination are applied correctly they have more force that a hammer, or even a jackhammer, to break through the limitations of your current reality and get you new results in and new material reality. You need something like a jackhammer to get results, because sometimes reality is that tough to get your dreams to .e true into. Are you with me? There is the external universe, where you would like to have your dreams .e true, and where they can and do .e true for some people, and then there is your own universe, where you can use your belief, imagination, hope, dreams, and other spiritual powers, as much as you are able to. When you realize that the two universes are separate, that your spiritual powers and your material world experiences are related, but not the same, I know that you will experience, more and more, the reason why you should never give up on your dreams, and how you can get better at making the good ones .e true, and the bad ones disappear forever. Your dreams are precious spiritual energy with the force and power to change your life in alignment with what you imagine is best for you life. Always remember that inner universe of your imagination is a safe place where nothing can destroy your dreams. Keep them and what you believe in safe from the hurt and disappontment that can happen when you expose them to the material world. If you do so you will enjoy a magical real life that is influenced by the spiritual powers of your dreams. Your dreams,what you believe in, guides your actions, which changes your life. Always keep your spiritual forces alive, and protected, in your own universe. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: