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Self-Improvement Chinese Lao-tzu had a 6th century philosophy, "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step". So is the climbing of a corporate ladder, which must start at some point and with some efforts, one goes up taking advantage of available opportunities that .e by and against potential .petitors. For one to make it up the corporate ladder, therefore, it is important to understand that the leadership activity must be channeled towards promoting and maintaining positive results. This, in turn, is simply a product of a positive mind. Having a positive mind and positive attitude towards any matter in the corporate world is a fundamental ingredient for the right leadership activities. The right leadership activity is management by an enhanced mind, to achieve desired and vision. In a corporate setting, an individual should have the following factors to perform the right leadership activity. Innovation and execution:To be noticed in any corporate environment, one needs to be the person that other people will find resourceful, whenever they encounter problems or they have new ideas to put through. In this case, the right leadership activity is about being able to nature the ideas sourced from anywhere, even from junior staff, into projects that can bring phenomenal results. If one consistently brings good ideas and natures them for the success of the .pany, then he or she is seen as a bigger asset to the .pany .pared to his .petitors. Adaptability:As a leader, to adapt is to respond to a situation by accepting the situation first, then being able to shift the point of view of the situation and make it work to the advantage of the organization. This should be done with right leadership activity which is a deeply thought in and out plan of action. For instance, in the current ever changing corporate world, it is inevitable that a leader should always be in alert to the business environment and make decisions accordingly. This can be done through anticipation, being prepared and flexible. On a personal level, it is good to accept that many debates will arise during the tenure and one should contain the situation and make sure the debates don’t get heated up. Purposefulness:Every business entity needs the right leadership minds to .e up with the right vision. If in case it doesn’t have one, it may tune the workforce in assimilation of other people’s vision to realize the required success. Ancient visions developed and recopied by other .petitor .panies may not be applicable anymore. A true leadership activity must be put in charge for this situation to work to an individual’s advantage. One must show the ability to exhibit an outstanding sense of purpose and emphasize the importance of the purpose on his colleagues and junior workers. .mitment:Most service corporate industries measure the .mitment of their employees by the amount of time they physically spend on their jobs, therefore, having a strong will to .mit to the most of your working hours and to make the most out of it and squeeze productivity through them is the key to being noticed around. It also leads to good reflection of job performance index. .bined with a positive attitude, this can be the best right leadership activity to achieve and with huge benefits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: