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AVA MC is one of the an authorized dealer for BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki and Suzuki bikes, Ava mc is an intelligent motorcycle shop that make sure your bike rolls in all weather. Ava mc also offers the accessories, clothing and protective equipments. The AVA MC Bikes has always high speed stability, long distance comfort, roomy ergonomics and smooth riding feel. In 2009, BMW has reestablished their quality range of sports bikes with several improvements, including more noticeable power ability where it matters the most, in the midrange and overall smoother engine reaction, improved transmitting system and even more robust clutch. The AVA MC new K 1300 S and K 1300 GT now sport a 150cc increase in displacement to a full 1293cc. The Press and the owners response for the K1300 bikes have been just stellar so far. New owners of K1300 Bikes commenting about a much more elegant riding had with silky polish transmission. Good News for the buyers of AVA MC K1300 Bikes. Although the K-bikes are vastly improved, their prices have not risen for the new motorcycle models. To see the new K 1300 S and the K 1300 GT please visit our AVA MC Store into the Sweden. K 1300 S: at last, a sports bike whose odometer executes too. The K 1300 S is much more faster, with standard pick up, lighter clutch pull, smoother transmission, and more fine-tuned ESA II. The handling has also been improved AVA MC offers the preferential financing in cooperation with Handelsbanken Finans. For more information visit our website ..avamc.se About the Author: 相关的主题文章: