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Diabetes Type 2 diabetes is the most common diabetes that affect people this days. you need to try to prevent dangerous blood sugar spikes by eating some food that will really help you. Some people dont know some food can help you manage diabetes type 2 and eventually survive it. Read through to know the foods I am talking about in this article. 1. Beans: beans is one of the food that is good for diabetes type 2 patient. Beans which includes black,white,navy,lima,pinto,garbanzo,soy and kidney are a winning combination of high-quality carbohydrates, lean protein and soluble fiber that helps stabilize your bodys blood sugar levels and keeps hunger in check. Beans are very good because they are not expensive and fat free. 2. Oatmeal: It had being proceed that eating foods that are rich in whole grain and high fiber may lower the risk of diabetes by between 35 and 42 percent. Foods that are highly rich in fiber slows the absorption of glucose from food in the stomach keeping blood sugar levels under control. 3. Fish: Fish is any good diet that can help you control rising of blood sugar in your body. Fresh fish is an outstanding source of lean protein and fish like catfish, cod or tilapia are all good for the body . You can try to pair fish with the high quality carbs found in vegetables, lentils, or beans for another balance meal in order to keep your blood sugar balanced. 4. Low fat yogurt: You should take low fat yogurt because it naturally contains both high – quality carbohydrates and protein making it an excellent food for slowing or preventing an unhealthy rise in blood sugar. If you want to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes you need to stick to nonfat yogurt. 5. Almonds: Almonds is also good in reducing blood sugar in the body. A research from Harvard university discovered that high daily magnesium intake reduced the risk of developing diabetes by 33 percent. So, taking more magnesium rich food like almonds in your diet is a very good step. 6. Wild salmon: Wild salmon is a food that have capacity of reducing heart disease which is very important for those with type 2 diabetes whose risk of cardiovascular disease is already elevated. So eating food like wild salmon is highly recommended. 7. Avocado: You need to eat avocado in order to help you from diabetes type 2 because Avocado is high in monounsaturated fats which are generally considered among the healthiest of fats. It has also confirmed that diet that is high in monounsaturated fats and low in low quality carbs may improve heart health which is very good for diabetics who are at an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Do you know that there are some foods that can care diabetes type 2? Click here to get your health back: You can also survive this dangerous illness by getting diabetes miracle manual. For more information on type 2 diabetes and how to survive it, go to .tinyurl../q8cbrsa 相关的主题文章: