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88 year old Nanjing through the Jiangsu open reply   university graduate; – people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title: 88 year old "Curve Wrecker" through the graduation reply Double Ninth Festival on the eve of the Nanjing 88 year old Zhang Huanguo passed the Jiangsu Open University of management of cultural industry (poetry appreciation direction) professional graduation reply, will to become the first batch of elderly education graduates. The information provided by the school shows that each of his achievements is more than 85 points, is a veritable "senior learning tyrants"". Zhang Huanguo was born in October 1929 and graduated from the East China Communication School of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army. He was transferred to the Nanjing Artillery Academy of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army as a teacher. In October 1985, he retired as associate professor of the faculty, deputy division level military. 70 in the last century the late fifties Zhang Huanguo with great enthusiasm to the self-study exam, obtained from college of Nanjing University of the legal profession certificate, also participated in the old university courses study. Zhang Huanguo said, despite the growing age, learning experience has also been very rich, but still have a dream of undergraduate education. At the beginning of 2014, Jiangsu Open University recruited the first year undergraduate students who majored in cultural industry management (poetry appreciation direction). After Zhang Huanguo heard the news, immediately sign up for study. Zhang Huanguo introduction, Jiangsu Open University provides counseling, training, assessment unit of video self testing and other resources for students online learning; encounter difficulties, he can through the BBS forum, QQ group and curriculum course instructors and students to exchange line; he can participate in self learning, classroom teaching. "This open style of learning is very conducive to mobilize the enthusiasm of students learning." He said. The introduction of the school, every course of his examination scores are more than 85 points. In particular, writing thesis, meticulous. At the end of September the official reply, he is calm, clear, fluent, 3 teachers after the Council gives a good score of 86. In the applause of the teachers and classmates, the strong old soldier who had decades of military career couldn’t help to stand up in tears, stand up and express his thanks to the teacher. It is reported that in September this year, he was selected as the lifelong learning of Jiangsu province "common people learning star"; in October, was selected as the "ten national lifelong learning" story, especially touching people learning star". (Ding Shujuan Xu Sihai Tan Jie) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Yan) 南京88岁老人通过江苏开放大学本科毕业答辩 –人民网江苏视窗–人民网 原标题:88岁“学霸”通过本科毕业答辩 重阳节前夕,南京88岁的老人张焕国顺利通过江苏开放大学文化产业管理(诗词赏析方向)专业的毕业答辩,即将成为全国首批老年学历教育本科的毕业生。学校提供的信息显示,他的每门成绩都在85分以上,是个名副其实的“高龄学霸”。 张焕国出生于1929年10月,毕业于中国人民解放军华东通信学校,后被调入中国人民解放军南京炮兵学院做教员。1985年10月,他以副教授的教职、副师级的军职离休。上世纪70年代末,年届半百的张焕国以极大的热情投入到自学考试中,获得南京大学法律专业自考专科等证书,还参加了老年大学多门课程的学习。 张焕国说,尽管年龄不断增长,学习经历也已经很丰富,但自己心中仍有一个本科学历的梦想。2014年初,江苏开放大学首次招收文化产业管理(诗词赏析方向)专业老年学历教育本科班学员。张焕国闻讯后立即报名参加学习。 张焕国介绍,江苏开放大学为学员在线学习提供了辅导视频、自测练习、单元考核等资源;遇到困难时,他可以通过BBS论坛、课程QQ群等与课程导师和同学们交流;线下他可以自学教材、参加课堂面授。“这种开放式的学习方式,非常有利于调动学员的学习积极性。”他说。 学校介绍,他每门课程的考试成绩都在85分以上。特别是撰写毕业论文,一丝不苟。9月底正式答辩时,他镇定自若,条理清晰,语言流利,3位答辩老师经过现场评议后给出了86分的好成绩。在老师和同学的掌声中,这位有着几十年军旅生涯的坚强的“老战士”忍不住热泪盈眶,起立,向答辩老师深深地鞠躬,表达谢意。 据悉,今年9月,他被遴选为江苏省全民终身学习“百姓学习之星”;10月,被遴选为全国十大全民终身学习“事迹特别感人的百姓学习之星”。(丁姝娟 徐四海 谈洁) (责编:唐璐、张妍)相关的主题文章: