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"A vote" recording fixing Allen Lin farewell love to kill the Sohu four investors in the new lineup of Sohu entertainment entertainment news recently in Beijing 268 cultural industry base headquarters, Shenzhen satellite TV, "a piece of cast it" section to complete the first quarter of the last record. Recording the scene last time, Allen Lin, Zhang Quanling, Deng Feng and other investors and entrepreneurs for the first season of love to kill drew a successful conclusion. Whether it is financing success or not, every entrepreneur with the blessing of investors embarked on a new entrepreneurial journey. In the fourth recording, ushered in a program to invest large coffee new mentor — Hong Thai fund founder and partner Yu Minhong Sheng Xitai. Venture capital rivers and lakes, known as "Tai brother". Tai brother continued sharp style, Yu Minhong’s domineering partner to help out! The purple cow fund partner Zhang Quanling play intelligent arithmetic, still. NLVC founder Deng Fengxue of East and West, stick to their investment philosophy. The handsome singer, Allen Lin did not forget to venture capital investment value of Yan Shuai, worthy of play. Through the three recorded three investors and "new" Thailand brother also very understanding, Deng Feng is also the scene of ridicule Sheng Xitai, a very warm atmosphere. Shenzhen satellite TV, a cast it in July 27th for the first time recorded, which lasted nearly 2 months. During the program group received from across the country hundreds of entrepreneurs to actively apply the mail, especially after the program started in August 14th, more outstanding entrepreneurs come here". After a cast bar column selection and inspection of the director group, the program a total of 62 projects in the first quarter to participate in recording. A cast it has aired five, I believe many viewers will leave at least an impressive entrepreneurial projects. Wonderful but does not stop there, in the fourth recording, a total of 8 projects win staged the first season finale drama, brilliant. For example, whether it is the opening of "lying", or find a friend; whether it is looking for a job, or a doctor, even use your mobile phone to fix on the big apple! Some items, finished playing the violin, to raise pig, mutation style? It is not to say that the big technology brings black technology, a good project into a couple of road show! In addition to the wonderful project, first quarter of the last time a barrage of Carnival also stole the show. When a pair of vibrant young partner clever response to the question, "is the focus of a barrage of young man is fast". When the baby’s education is also going to high-end, "this is the barrage Tucao game for the rich". Have a barrage of serious thinking analysis, proposed "entrepreneurs have independent views". Along with the Shenzhen satellite TV "a" first season cast it recorded a successful ending, more than a dozen partners involved in the cooperation, are from Iqiyi, Youku channel, LETV, Jingdong, financial truth chips, frdex even, 36 krypton, IT orange, unicorn, hit entertainment information, Beijing overseas scholars center, TV, BOSS, live live Betta direct hire, photosynthetic pie, N+X super roadshow. Please lock every Sunday night 21:25 Shenzhen TV "a vote", each program will bring new venture capital experience, joy相关的主题文章: