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Exercise Most of us is wanted the best abs. Here is a one of the more sites that you can look that can give you the best abdominal exercise you want The Biomechanics Lab at San Diego State University look at the common abdominal exercise to determine the best exercise for the abs and what really works for strength. According to them, the Abs Rocker by body by Jake is the worst equipment they tested. The abs exercise is one of the most popular exercises. In order to develop abs, you should work all the abdominal muscles. There are lot of exercise for the abs and a great product that can use at home. IN decreasing the body fats, balance diet of protein, fats and carbohydrate is enough. Eat the breakfast, food that high in fiber and lots of calcium. Drink water throughout the day for you to stay well-hydrated. Before you start in this kind of exercise, you should understand the function where and what they do and how they can be exercise with a least of injury. Here are some examples for the abdominal exercise. The leg lifts; in performing this, you lie down your back in a firm surface, lift your one leg up high as you can and count to three and lower your leg. After that, do the same procedure to your other leg. To complete the set, raise both legs up and over to your middle, count to three and lower youre both legs. Repeat the steps at least ten times. Attach a padded weight to your ankle to add a resistance in this kind of exercise. Another exercise is a sit ups. Concentrate if you are using your abdominal muscles to pull the upper body up. The causes of strain and undue stress are by using your shoulder muscles and neck. According to the health expert, you should perform at least twenty minutes a day, three to four times a week in order for the abdominal exercises to work for you. Dont forget a deep breath and breathe out while performing the moves. Your body especially the heart and muscles needs additional oxygen to perform or work properly. There are lot more exercise that will help to build your abs. it may not easy after doing this you were be very proud of yourself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: