After a kidney transplant new renal function in uremia lost girl sold pepperoni Beijing – saving tre yuanjiao

After a kidney transplant "new renal function in uremia" lost girl sold spicy sausage – saving treatment Beijing two days, Jia Ruixia spicy sausage sell a lot faster than usual, who came all the way to drive her to eat spicy sausage, these people know, the spicy sausage stalls carrying a girl on the life of uremia desire…… After the transplant victims question if there are no special circumstances, 7 night, Hengshan spicy sausage cart Jia Ruixia will arrive at the Xi’an Physical Education University east gate, Jia Ruixia lived in the neighborhood. The 25 year old Jia Ruixia is a uremic patients, as well as a kidney transplant, now she also maintain hemodialysis five times every two weeks. Jia Ruixia home in Fugu County in Northern Shaanxi Province three Gou Xiang, when she was born a month when he was abandoned by his parents, her adoptive father has brought her up. Father is a real peasant, two years old, parents divorced, Jia Ruixia and father and grandmother. In 2009, graduated from junior high school did Jia Ruixia from the beginning of nephritis developed into uremia, father to see her relatives and friends borrowed over money. That year, Jia Ruixia is lucky, she came to a kidney transplant surgery, completed, and lived a normal life. "Nearly 400 thousand of the cost, a part is the father borrowed, partly donated by warm-hearted people, there is a part of the government bailout." She said. However, Jia Ruixia is unfortunate, last winter, the hospital, confirmed that she changed 5 years suddenly lost kidney function, dialysis or a kidney transplant must again. In order to get rid of the decadent sell spicy sausage is the last winter, Jia Ruixia came to Xi’an to see a doctor, "at that time, the people are very decadent, doing nothing all day, what do not want to do, then I want to get out of this state, looking for something to do." Hengshan spicy sausage is Jia Ruixia love to eat snacks, and so it is not difficult, so she was selling snacks in Northern Shaanxi Institute of East Gate – Hengshan spicy sausage. The beginning of the business is not good, sometimes a night can only sell a box of spicy sausage, and later patronize more and more students, one night to sell two boxes, and in the evening before the end of 11. Jia Ruixia said, to get rid of the cost, she can net drop 100 yuan. But with respect to two weeks five times, every time the cost of 600 yuan hemodialysis, or not enough. Every time I go to the Jiaotong University Affiliated Hospital hemodialysis, Jia Ruixia have to be prepared in advance. 4 hours of dialysis time is not short, and often appear in the middle of hypoglycemia and other symptoms, and these she can only endure silently. Looking at someone to see someone accompany me, I think happiness is so simple." Jia Ruixia said, in fact, every time she wanted to have a family with dialysis side, but this is not reality, after all, my grandmother older, need to foster care around. Everybody’s help she moved 6 last night, Jia Ruixia and Chutan, the day together with her Chutan and her cousin and a roommate. Today, more than usual to prepare a box, because many people know my situation, plus WeChat said to eat spicy sausage." Jia Ruixia said, there are enthusiastic people sent her to the WeChat circle of friends, the two days she has been a lot of harvest. On the evening of 12, a physical education teacher had she lived next door to the Peng相关的主题文章: