After the first day of opening a coaching Commission opened stock index rose 1% (Figure) – Sohu secu-candle june

On the first day of the opening of the SFC Huanshuai stocks A stock index rose 1% (Figure) – Sohu securities in new network on 22 February,   the Commission Huanshuai after the first day of opening, A stocks, the four stock index opened up over 1%, the sector rose across the board, real estate, steel, securities and other blue chips rally gratifying. Open today, the Shanghai composite index reported 2888.60 points, up 28.58 points, or 1%, turnover of 1 billion 731 million yuan; Shenzhen component index reported 10290 points, up 127.73 points, or 1.26%, turnover of 3 billion 218 million yuan; the related stock movements gem index reported 2235.17 points, up 24.16 points, or 1.09%, turnover of 926 million yuan. The disk, the plate across the board, the real estate sector rose as the leader of the Chinese real estate industry, trading, wing real estate, LaSalle bank and other gainers. Steel, securities sector rose by more than 2%. Satellite navigation, desalination, building energy efficiency, multi financial, Beijing, Tianjin and other concept stocks have been greatly sought after funds. Stocks Zhangshengyipian, CA three, Jiangnan Chemical Industry, Xin Deli shares, Shandong Haihua 24 stock trading, the decline in the standings, only Buddha plastic technology, shield the environment of two non ST limit. On the morning of February 20th, Liu Shiyu was appointed chairman of the Eighth China Securities Regulatory commission. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to appoint comrade Liu Shiyu as party secretary of China Securities Regulatory Commission, and removed Comrade Xiao Gang’s position as party secretary of China Securities Regulatory commission. Market analysts believe that the move on the first day, if not unexpected, the market is expected in 2800 points to 2900 points tug; continue to be optimistic about the market outlook, this week may slow upward. The upstream basis, one is the market speculation will enter the "NPC and CPPCC" time, the market environment is relatively optimistic, two of the two financial balance appeared four increase. The issue of new shares, last week, 9 companies received IPO approvals, of which 5 have announced the specific date of purchase. From February 23rd (Tuesday) within five days, you can call the new day, followed by the new Yi Sheng, thousand Wo flavor industry, Stewart, Si Taili, Hao Zhi Electromechanical, please get ready "lottery". At present, the Commission accepted the number of initial enterprises for 762, of which 100 have been passed, 662 will not be. Not too would normally pending corporate enterprise 628, 34 enterprises suspend the review. 证监会换帅后首日开市 A股高开沪指涨1%(图)-搜狐证券中新网2月22日电  证监会换帅后首日开市,A股高开,四大股指开盘均涨超1%,各板块全线上涨,房地产、钢铁、证券等蓝筹股涨势喜人。  今日开盘,上证综指报2888.60点,涨28.58点,涨幅1%,成交17.31亿元;深成指报10290点,涨127.73点,涨幅1.26%,成交32.18亿元; 相关公司股票走势 创业板指报2235.17点,涨24.16点,涨幅1.09%,成交9.26亿元。  盘面上,各板块全线飘红,房地产板块成上涨领头羊,其中华业地产涨停,荣安地产、世联行等涨幅居前。钢铁、证券板块均涨超2%。卫星导航、海水淡化、建筑节能、多元金融、京津冀等概念股大受资金追捧。  个股涨声一片,中航三鑫、江南化工、德力股份、山东海化等24股涨停,跌幅榜上,仅佛塑科技、盾安环境两只非ST股跌停。  2月20日上午,刘士余出任第八任中国证监会主席的消息正式发布。中共中央决定任命刘士余同志为中国证监会党委书记,免去肖钢同志的中国证监会党委书记职务。  有市场分析认为,换帅首日,如果不出现意外,大盘有望在2800点至2900点展开拉锯;后市继续被看好,本周有可能缓慢上行。其上行依据,一是市场炒作将进入“两会”时间,市场环境相对被看好,二是两融余额出现四连增。  新股发行方面,上周有9家企业拿到了IPO批文,其中5只已经公布具体申购日期。从2月23日(周二)起五天内,每天都可以打新,依次新易盛、千禾味业、瑞尔特、司太立、昊志机电,请做好“摇奖准备”。  目前,证监会受理首发企业的数量为762家,其中,已过会100家,未过会662家。未过会企业中正常待审企业628家,中止审查企业34家。相关的主题文章: