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Food-and-Drink Located to the North of Healdsburg in Sonoma County, the Alexander Valley is a popular American Viticulture Area and home to a large number of vineyards and wineries. It is the most fully planted and largest wine region of Sonoma and is home to the Russian River flowing down with vineyards surrounded on both sides. Alexander Valley area This region offers the perfect blend of sophistication, charm and confidence for people as well as grapes. The valley is 22 miles long and two to seven miles broad at different areas. From the 76,900 acres of land it covers, 15000 acres are cultivated to superior quality wine grapes. The diversity of microclimates in the region makes it an ideal place for growing many grape varieties. Most of the vineyard soil in the region is alluvial. The Alexander valley area is one of the warmest regions in California during the day but at night, it experiences a temperature variation offering cooler climate conditions. The proximity to Russian River offers a good source for morning fog covering the lower vineyard areas. Wine characteristics and variety One of the unique characteristics associated with wines of the Alexander Valley is the rich and fleshy mouthfeel. The other specialty is the degree of voluptuousness on account of the normally warm climate of the region and its ability to ripen the grapes well. The area is capable of growing a variety of grapes but in recent years, it has become popular for its superior quality of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Other varietals of the region gaining popularity in recent times include Sangiovese, Chardonnay and Nebbiolo. Alexander Valley is also home to Rhone and Zinfandel varieties including Viognier and Syrah. Alexander Valley Wineries Alexander Valley area and climate has supported the growth of wine industry in the region to a great extent. Some of the most popular wineries include: Chalk Hill Estate: A primary winery in the easternmost, warmer part of the Russian River, Chalk Hill Estate is rich in history as well as natural beauty. Winegrowing here dates back to 1860s on the hills surrounding the wood and stone estate. It is a must visit place when on a viticulture tour. Gallo Family Vineyards: This winery in Sonoma focuses on quality and offers great wines for the value. At the tasting room, you have a menu of wines and other refreshment activities available. Rosenblum Cellars: Based in Alameda, this winery has an amazing tasting room in Healdsburg and serves as the perfect taste place for comparing a range of high quality wines from different appellations, most of which grow right there nearby. Sovereign: It is a large winery engaged in consistent production of good quality Cabs and Merlots with all the unique characteristics of Alexander Valley fruit and the Chardonnay which shows off the Russian River. Plan a vine tour to Alexander Valley and get a chance to explore and enjoy the natural beauty and atmosphere it hosts along with the vineyards and wineries operational for long years to produce the best wines in the world. Visit the tasting rooms to experience some of the great grape tastes you ever had. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: