An Attack On The Pocket Knife And Our Rights Is

UnCategorized The age of political correctness is upon us. Who defines what is correct and what is not? Your simple right to carry a pocket knife is constantly attacked and questioned. Why is this such a hot topic and why are folks worried about a pocket knife? Does every issue where a difference of opinion is demonstrated need to be regulated by .plicated laws and by government officials? Has the government, whether it be federal or local, done such a bang up job of taking care of issues and overseeing problems and disagreements? Should we entrust every idea, topic and discrepancy to the government; a body of individuals so far removed from real society that their perception is distorted? The pocket knife is an icon of growing up in my family. It is not a weapon and the idea of it being used as a weapon was forbidden. I was taught to respect it as it would be very sharp and could be dangerous if not handled correctly. I was never taught to fear it. Fear is a dangerous thing when a person is taught to run and scream when he or she encounters it. The instinct of fear is not in us to cause a flow of illogical statements and accusations, fear is to be confronted, respected and handled. When utilized correctly, fear can be very helpful as it is a God-given instinct that enables us to survive. However, fear seems to be overwhelming in our society today, at least the society with the loudest voice that fills the television and radio waves and print media. They are petrified of the pocket knife. Why does the politically correct panic crowd fear the pocket knife so much? Is it the sharp blade that makes them cringe? Is it the point that makes them pull at their clothing in terror? I cannot answer these questions myself and when conversing with those so opposed to the American right to carry a pocket knife, I find their answers full of so much emotion and disgust they cannot give a logical answer. Insults are simply spouted about those that would own and carry a knife. I was given my first pocket knife when I was very young. As a matter of fact, I think I was in the first grade. My Dad sat down with me and went over the rules of safety very thoroughly. He was adamant that I learn to cut with it properly, open and close it safely, sharpen it, and maintain it. This taught me responsibility and respect and created a special bond with my Dad. I would have never shamed him by being careless; that knife meant too much to me. So, why attack pocket knives and those that carry them? I guess I was fortunate in growing up with the lessons and respect I had learned from my Dad and my family. I was brought up with a lot of respect and the times that I was not so respectful, well, I paid the piper and I paid it in a way that I would not forget. Punishment was meaningful and not easily elapsed. When I look at people today and kids especially, I do see a lack of respect and responsibility. The government provides so many means of free assistance for those who are unfortunate, or choose not to provide their own means of livelihood. That has always puzzled me. I could not imagine looking to the government to take care of me and my family. The lessons of responsibility that I was taught by my Dad, sitting in the back yard with our pocket knives in hand have carried with me into adulthood and will be passed on to my children. So what do those that loathe the American right to carry a pocket knife hate so bad? I have a answer based on what I have observed. It seems to me that they despise those that do not believe the way they believe. They fear men and women who stand for something, who practice and live by morals and standards, who do not cringe from fear but face it and harness it. They hate the idea that there still exist men and women today who live by an old code. That old code stands for responsibility and self-reliance. There are no excuses for wrongdoing. The only option for mistakes, errors and out-right illegal behavior is to admit it and pay for it. Excuses do not have a place in the old code. So what does all this have to do with carrying a simple pocket knife? Well, everything. You see, that pocket knife represents a responsibility. It isn’t the item that would bring harm to another; it is the man or woman holding it that does the harm. The politically correct crowd believes that every man and woman is innately evil and they cannot control their own evil thoughts and desires. They believe that people must have a strict and .plicating set of laws to govern every aspect of their lives to include social interaction, personal safety and anything else that may pop up and require government jurisdiction. The odd aspect of the politically correct crowd is that more often than not, they do not live by their own rules. They see themselves as above this evil that they believe resides in people. Because they have elevated themselves to a tall soap box and a place to condemn others, they believe that they have learned to control this evil within them. Those of us who carry our pocket knife quietly and humbly are ridiculed. We do not feel that we have to defend something as inconsequential as the danger that could .e from the misuse of a pocket knife. It is something we respect without explanation or a need to discuss. We are responsible people not requiring the oversight of the government or the politically correct crowd to suppress the evil within us. As a matter of fact, we have a very different belief. Men and women are innately good. They mean well, have good intentions, are responsible, have morals that they stand by, love their families and their country and they believe in something higher and greater than themselves. That pocket knife that is carried in the pocket represents no danger or threat to anyone. The foolishness of overseeing and controlling the human being represents a danger that many cannot .prehend. What do the honest and the humble do in this age of political correctness? That is a very tough question and one that I cannot answer. This question is something that you must answer for yourself. Are my pocket knife rights under attack? Absolutely. Can I defend my right to carry one? Yes, I can do so by educating myself in what is going on. Is it possible to understand why my rights are under attack? I understand why, but cannot .prehend it. I was cut from a different cloth. Do not try to .prehend the attacks. When they are illogical, smile and move along. When the attacks .e with a calm and meaningful banter, sit down and chat it out. Do not be.e angered by those that provoke you. Always remain humble. When the day .es that we are stripped of our freedoms and our pocket knives are taken by government officials, well I can’t advise you there. You gotta do what you gotta do. 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