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Aston DB11:DB in the history of the fastest, most sophisticated car – Sohu car this article is to buy a car to ask the original compilation of articles from the writer, Chen. The history of Britain is a history of war. As the only independent car manufacturer in the United Kingdom, Aston, along with the British history of the ups and downs of the Martin. Aston Martin with their sports car to achieve a new generation of more environmentally friendly, more cross-border, more electronic on the road of continuous exploration, the drive is 2017 Aston Martin DB11. DB11 is a thirteen year history of DB9’s successor (DB10 only James Bond 007 spectre of exclusive car), with a new can squeeze out 600 horsepower V12 twin turbo engine, the body uses adhesive type aluminum body structure innovation, lighter than DB9 weight, rigid higher, better control. There is no doubt that the appearance of Aston DB11 inherited the British gentleman’s strict and delicate. Aston Martin will be able to rely on these share in Ferrari, Porsche and Bentley’s dominance of the market? This time we in the beautiful Italy Tuscany test drive will give me the answer. In Mongolia Tae Savino sunny morning, we went to a rustic breakfast waiting for this time test. The V12 engine has immediately attracted our attention. The early period of low noise, with the speed increase, the sound becomes soft loud roar. Fortunately, V12 turbocharged engine of DB11 is not unworthy of the fame of Martin Aston, in the exercise + mode, an output of the engine and 8 speed gearbox will become very aggressive. Driving DB11, front windshield outside the world’s longest overall clamshell bonnet reflected the world of glory, the window of sight began to gradually become blurred. Montisi, Montalcino, trequanda, Florence, Pisa, signs fast flying, as the Italian pronunciation beautiful Italy pronunciation and didn’t attract me, because without him, drove the car to feel what is really crazy. In most of the road conditions, DB11 driving experience as GT models as the main comfort. Even in the cruise mode, fast cornering performance is still DB11 body with ease. Sensitive control, steering sensitivity, 20 inch Bridgestone S007 tire provides excellent grip, suspension relative motion model has been very soft. A turn if deep throttle, the tail of the car will be ready to. In the cruise mode worry, I finally make effort to savor the car interior. Black leather and gold thread embraced. The texture is smooth, similar to the marble like door decoration board is actually made of carbon fiber "broken", I believe this feeling, touch will not stop. The test models in the seats, armrest and roof control, matching Bullock drilling, reminiscent of salvey custom shoes gentleman and charm street. DB11’s interior chic and sporty feel no doubt about the base price of $214820. DB11相关的主题文章: