Aunt not slapped subway staff to arrested 5 days (Figure)

Aunt not slapped subway staff to arrested 5 days (Figure) original title: Escape 5 days of subway fare evasion in the tough Hangzhou sister did what video: wearing a mask is to Aunt need to buy a ticket, there are people who want to cheat. For example, take the subway to buy tickets, subway fare evasion family It is often seen. The day before yesterday, the Hangzhou Metro Police Administrative Detention for 5 days, a fine of 200 yuan penalty for a sister in Hangzhou, because of fare evasion. Hangzhou Metro opened more than 3 years, this is the first time. Why get a subway ticket will be detained, sister fled how tough it fare? 50 year old sister brush to the old card to hear fine, anger, fan a slap in the face of February 25th, Metro staff Huang Rui (a pseudonym) in the station to guide passengers out of the station of Hangzhou Metro Line 1 East Road west. More than 10 o’clock in the morning, a middle-aged man wearing a mask card out of the station, caused the attention of Huang Rui — "subway station, credit card, the cards (including 9% off), the gate is not only display color, special discount cards, such as the old card, student card will be displayed blue iris. At that time, she swipe out of the station to show the blue diaphragm, but her age is about 50 years old, it is impossible to use the conditions of the old card, nor will it be a student." So Huang Rui in the station stopped and expressed the hope that a middle-aged man, middle-aged man show me her ticket card. The eldest sister one Leng, but still took out the ticket card to Huang rui. Huang Rui’s judgment is right, this is an old age discount card, you can enjoy the subway half off discount. According to the provisions of the elderly discount card subway ride, the need for 60 years old to 70 years old (excluding) Hangzhou elderly talent can. The middle-aged man behavior obviously belong to fare evasion behavior. So Huang Rui to middle-aged sister card to the service desk, and told her, in accordance with the provisions need to make up for a whole 9 yuan of money ticket, also can give her 5 times fine. A middle-aged man to excess, but also a fine, also put her ticket away, suddenly she was angry, had reached out to grab the hands of Huang Rui ticket card, Huang Rui was also her sudden shock to move, won’t stop. The two sides in the course of contacts took two or three rounds, middle-aged man suddenly let go and fall toward the huangrui face a slap in the face. On the other side of the subway staff immediately notify the subway police. Then middle-aged eldest sister was taken away by subway police. The subway fare evasion, for impersonation documents this year may be subject to a fine of five times yesterday, Hangzhou Metro police released surveillance video at the time. The length is very short, less than 1 minutes, you can see the camera from the remote fashion dress, wearing a mask of the eldest sister and Huang Rui for the ticket card process. Subway police told money reporter, Huang Rui was beaten, went to the hospital to open a disability identification, hospital identification of Huang Rui facial multiple soft tissue contusion, belonging to minor injuries. The middle-aged man first and then hit, fare evasion, according to the "Security Management Punishment Law of administrative detention 5 days, fined 200 yuan decision. And the middle-aged sister has become Hangzhou Metro 5

大妈逃票不成掌掴地铁工作人员被拘5日(图)   原标题:地铁逃票逃出5天行拘彪悍的杭州大姐到底做了什么 监控画面:戴口罩的就是逃票大妈   需要买票的地方,就有想逃票的人。比如坐地铁要买票,可地铁逃票一族屡见不鲜。   前天,杭州地铁公安对一名杭州大姐进行了行政拘留5天、罚款200元的处罚,就是因为逃票。杭州地铁开通3年多来,这还是第一次。   为什么逃一张地铁票会被拘留,大姐到底逃票逃得有多彪悍?   50岁不到的大姐刷了老年卡   听说要罚款,怒了,扇出一记耳光   2月25日,地铁工作人员黄蕊(化名)在杭州地铁1号线西兴路东面的出站口引导乘客出站。上午10点多,一名戴口罩的中年大姐刷卡出站,引起了黄蕊的注意――   “地铁出站刷卡时,一般的储值卡(包括91折),在闸机上是不会显示颜色的,只有特殊优惠卡,比如老年卡、学生卡会显示蓝色光圈。当时,她刷卡出站显示了蓝色光圈,可是她的年纪也就50岁左右,不可能达到使用老年卡的条件,也绝不会是学生啊。”   于是黄蕊在出站口拦住了中年大姐,并提出希望中年大姐出示一下她的票卡。大姐一愣,但还是拿出了票卡给黄蕊。   黄蕊的判断是对的,这是一张老年优惠卡,可以享受乘坐地铁五折优惠。可按规定老年优惠卡乘坐地铁,需要60岁至70岁(不含)的杭州市老年人才可以。中年大姐的行为明显属于逃票行为。   于是黄蕊把中年大姐的卡拿到服务台,并告诉她,按照规定需要补足一张全程9元钱的票,还可以对她进行5倍的罚款。   中年大姐一听要补票,还要罚款,还把她的票拿走了,顿时她就怒了,一把伸手去抢黄蕊手中的票卡,黄蕊也被她突如其来的举动惊到,不肯撒手。   双方一来二去夺了两三个回合,中年大姐突然松手,顺手就朝着黄蕊的脸上打了一记响亮的耳光。   边上其他地铁工作人员随即通知地铁公安。随后中年大姐被地铁公安带走。   地铁逃票,多为冒用他人证件   今年起可能要加收五倍罚款   昨天,杭州地铁公安公布了当时的监控视频。时长很短,1分钟不到,可以看到监控从远处拍摄的打扮时髦、带着口罩的大姐与黄蕊争夺票卡的过程。   地铁公安告诉钱报记者,黄蕊被打后,到医院去开了一个伤残鉴定,医院鉴定黄蕊面部多处软组织挫伤,属于轻微伤。鉴于中年大姐逃票在先,后又打人,根据《治安管理处罚法》对其作出行政拘留5天,罚款200元的决定。   而这位中年大姐也成为杭州地铁开通以来,第一位因为逃票与地铁工作人员发生纠纷而被拘留的乘客。   另外,钱报记者从杭州市地铁集团了解到,杭州地铁的逃票现象不算多,但确实也存在。   逃票情况主要表现有两类:一、跟着前面出闸机的乘客,快速出站,这种情况并不多;二、像这位中年大姐一样,冒用他人证件(优惠储值卡),这一类相对而言要多一些。   以前,对于逃票、无票、丢失票卡等行为,都只要求补足票款或者一张最高单程票价就可以出站。而从今年开始,按照相关规定,这些行为除了补一张9元钱的单程最高票价,还可能要加收五倍(45元)的罚款,甚至影响到个人的信用,影响还是蛮大的。   为什么要加收五倍票款?据了解,这是为了打击逃票行为,将偶发性的越站行为和恶意逃票区别开来。   最后提醒大家:别以为地铁工作人员对于冒用是查不到的,一切逃票行为都是不可取的,除了罚款,影响到个人信用才是大事。 责任编辑:徐童 SN155相关的主题文章: