Bridging Recruitment Gaps-kasey chase

Marketing "Walk in for an Interview, Exp: 0-6 yrs, Sal: 20-100K per month, submit resume to apply @" This is how a typical recruitment advertisement attracts a potential candidate to make them apply for a job vacancy. For starters, this might not be the exact replica of an incumbent’s role profile; however, we are only seeing here what we think "Recruitment" is all about. Recruitment, Staffing, Employment has one thing in common and linked to each other called as the "Job Interview"! Take up any traditional or modern recruitment source, the HR Recruitment has to identify a media channel, advertise the job vacancy and attract candidates to attend the interview. The first challenge comes when the HR Recruiter wants to talk about this "great job opportunity" that he has, which is expected to bring in the new employee or else the applicants will simply not apply. These are some examples of what we call as external recruitment. However, "Recruitment" is not just about a job interview, it is in reality a complex and sophisticated HR process. HR cannot be just measured on the basis of speed of recruitment process and the quality of the candidate. One of the important HR recruitment process is setting the correct Recruitment Strategy. This includes identification of right channels, responsibilities of managers, costs associated with hiring new employees and key performance indicators. Due to it’s inheriting complexities, recruitment brings many process gaps leading to huge damages from candidates losing a job to losing money in an in-efficient recruitment process. The process constitutes management of huge "database", which means a headcount that runs in millions supporting a plethora of job offers in an organisation or an industry. This huge demand requires right support to make right process and the right decision. This is clearly an example of the number of opportunities available in the industry. Given the demand, recruitment hits a road block when rolling in status is put on hold for not being able to match candidate with the specific job roles. This eventually ends in "recruitment" almost having no chance of going back to a good candidate. For long, the HR Industry is grappling to find solutions in their recruitment processes. And one posing challenge has been the "missing HR IT infrastructure" to support the flow of the job resumes and the job candidates in an organisation. It aims at not just monitoring a database but conduct multiple functions addressing the larger concerns of a recruitment process. A good investment on the right IT recruitment system to support the process and to keep the right monitoring of the status of individual job vacancies and the job candidates will address the burning management issue of the Recruitment Process. As the globe is getting closer and there is a steep increase in opportunities plus headcounts, IT Recruitment Software is just the beginning for the construction of a strong, innovative HR bridge in the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: