Web-Design Do you have a business? Are you having difficulty with regards to how you can reach customers for your business to be.e successful? Your business can now be on-line! Markets nowadays are no longer restricted to the four walls of an office due to the advent of e-shops. E-shop is an on-line market where customers do their shopping through the net. It is much easier for the owners and for the customers as the process which starts from the first contact through payments and collection stages can be done on-line. To do this you should know what the customers look for in a business on-line. Starting an on-line business is just like starting any other business there’s only a few differences such as your dealing with international audiences/customers and you should have knowledge about on-line stuff so you wouldn’t be ripped off your money’s worth . First, you should know what you want to do: what kind of business are you doing; what will you offer to the customers and so on. Idea and the start up plan should be the first things you have in mind. Then, select your domain name, this are hostnames that provide more easily memorable names to stand in for numeric IP addresses. Pick a domain name that will suit your business and that is short and is memorable to the customers especially those who are not technically savvy. And your domain name should have a keyword or that when a surfer sees it they already know what you offer. A site that no one uses, visits or seen by many are useless. Next, hire a web designer and developer that will do all the designing and programming to create your web site. The design of your site will make or break your business,for it will make you look professional or a new .er on the industry. The look of your site should reflect what your .pany is or what you are offering. On-line shoppers look for a business identity that they can trust so your marketing services should be well-designed. It is a .mon knowledge that some of the customers hesitate to buy on-line because they need to be reassured that they are dealing with a trustworthy .pany/business. In addition, your site should be easy to access. An on-line business should be easy to navigate, you should think those customers who are not net savvy. If customers experience dissatisfaction may it be in the site or the .pany products, it might result to a lost of that customer. In your on-line business it is just only proper that if you have products to offer, it must be viewable by the customers. Your products’ functions, benefit and specifications should be listed as this will give customers awareness or knowledge of what he/she is buying. It is good if your business allows different kind of payments like credit cards, pay pal, money order or checks, etc. It is also good if your site have the currency-converter feature as you are dealing with international customers and buyers usually wants to know how much it’ll cost them with their money before they purchase the product or the service. Also, customers should be able to order multiple products or they can add up the quantities of the product that they want to buy and on your system you should have a shopping cart on where the customers see what they just purchased. In designing you should think like the customer for you to create or build an effective site. In choosing a design for your site you should think for a .pany that will host your site. Choose a reliable web hosting .pany that will help you with your business in a reasonable cost. And then you should market your website. You should create traffic that will increase business. Make your site visible to your target audience and your business will get higher numbers of customers. Be seen and be successful! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: