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.munications Installation Accessories There are multitude of accessories that are available for your car stereo. Some of them are necessary such as RCA cables and others are elective like wiring harnesses. RCA Cables: These are the cables required used to transfer pre-amp (line level) signals. Usually, you use this type of cable for unamplified signals such as the connection between your head unit and amp or crossovers/eqs. Look for appropriate thickness and shielding. The end connectors should be sturdy to prevent breakage from stress. There is a notion that more expensive the cable, better the sound quality. However do not spend more than $1/foot. You may need to spend more to get cables immune to noise if that is a problem in your car. Speaker Cables: When the line level signal from the head unit is amplified it more powerful and requires thicker cable to carry it. This is even more pronounced for subwoofer wiring. Use something between 9 gauge and 1415 gauge wiring for subwoofers, nothing smaller. A lot of current has to flow through those wires. For tweeters and midranges thickness is less critical but still important to prevent leakage and contamination from outside sources. Power Distribution Blocks: Power distribution blocks make wiring simpler. You can run one thick power cable from the battery to the distribution block and from there you can use its multiple outputs for each .ponent. A related item is a new battery terminal which allows easy connection of your extra power wire on the battery for the car stereo. Capacitors: Music is dynamic and its power requirements differ. Your car’s electrical system may not be able to keep up with these surges in demand. A "stiffening" capacitor can help this problem by providing extra storage capacity for those high power transients. Wiring Harnesses: A wiring harness is for you if you plan to replace your factory head unit but still want to be able to reinstall it. These are specially designed for each type of car and allow you to disconnect your stock radio and connect a new head unit without cutting your original wiring. The wiring harness plugs into your existing wiring and allows you to connect a new head unit to the harness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: