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Cherish the good prestige S50 sharing "15°, comfortable life slowly; 30° 45° 60°" this is not the temperature, but your bow angle. When smartphones are becoming more and more popular in our lives every day, the young people who are keen on the Internet can not help but lower their heads, get information from the phone. As everyone knows, in the bow of the moment, perhaps a beautiful rainbow, or gorgeous sunset beauty will quietly pass from your side. Put the mobile phone, from delicacy to travel, spend time on the things you love has become a desire and not expect. Slow down the pace of life, find the beauty of life from the ordinary nuanced, and extreme difference. Living in the fast-paced life environment we have little time to put down the shackles of mobile phone, enjoy the lazy and comfortable afternoon tea; rarely will mind slowly down into a melodious classical music, reading a few of the favorite novels. Over time, enjoy life has gradually become extravagant hopes. Liu Qiang, an ordinary white-collar workers, to follow the prescribed order. Computers and mobile phones are inseparable from his tool to make a living, the workplace complex and trivial life even more tired of him. Thus, self driving to relieve the pressure of life outing became his way over the weekend. Shut off the computer, mobile phone, fled the city of confinement, return to enjoy a mountain, no one disturb the comfortable life slowly. When the work is not too busy, love self driving tour Liu Qiang, drove his prestige S50 into the mountains, under the beach, will time into their favorite things. As Liu Qiang said: "the open Weiwang S50 door, only to get into a comfortable lazy life, driving of stepping on this a yearning for the ultimate journey. "We chose S50 as the companion Wei Wang was because of TA, attention to detail of life is particularly impressive, but also know the truth. As a pleasant way of life advocated that thin life to learn how to enjoy life, like the taste of the beautiful daisy petals fall slowly. In the opinion of many thinkers, slow down the pace of life, can be fine full use of time, and this is the best way to enjoy life, no bondage cement forest, no intelligent mobile phone thing, all starting from the heart, self venting, enjoy the charm of nature and life.       this weekend, Liu Qiang was driving north, all the way through the reinforced concrete of the dragon, blundering across the city, surrounded by green mountains and rivers in the nature. Liu Qiang said, in the fast-paced urban life for a long time, people will always become impetuous." "Put down the earthly ties, to enjoy the natural life" nuanced with a calm heart, Liu Qiang on his "escape" commented. Pay attention to the life is to be good at finding details of the United States, and not only to stay in the beautiful scenery, as well on S50, the tough masculine atmosphere in nature is from the future through the warrior, the perfect blend of classical and modern. Open the window, flat rear seats, so empty.相关的主题文章: