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Chongqing 15 thousand candidates will go to the national judicial examination, the oldest 69 years old original title: Chongqing 15 thousand candidates will go to the national judicial examination of the oldest new network at the age of 69 in September 22 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Liu Xianglin) 2016 national judicial examination will open in September 24th, 22, reporter learned from Chongqing Municipal Bureau of justice of Chongqing, a total of 15059 applicants, an increase of 14.74%, the number of applicants for most of the calendar year. One of the oldest candidates 69 years old, the youngest candidate for the age of 18. Chongqing City, the national judicial examination in 2016 set up six test: the city test area, Wanzhou area, Qianjiang area, Fuling area, Beibei area, Yongchuan area. The city test area is located in Yuzhong, Shapingba, Jiulongpo, Dadukou, Jiangbei, Nan’an, Yubei and China middle school, Yubei campus of Southwest University of Political Science and Law and other eight sites. The city has a total of 504 examination room. The director of Chongqing Municipal Bureau of justice judicial examination at Chen Xiaoqin said that this year the city for the first time in the implementation of the security examination management system, inspection channel set in the center of the entrance. All candidates must test each entry point of the field to take pictures, face recognition, ID card identification device scan to verify identity information, cloud platform data comparison. Using this system, can effectively prevent and combat training cheating, to further improve the management level of examination. At the same time, all the local examination will fully use the metal detector. Before each examination, the examination of the candidates through the verification of the safety management system at the entrance exam, in addition to carry a mobile phone, a watch on the designated position, must accept the metal detector before entering the examination room. During the national judicial examination, the local will be outside the examination room using radio monitoring equipment. In the examination room, each examination room is equipped with a wireless signal shielding device, the whole process of the test video. Candidates for early withdrawal before the examination, to be registered through special channels. Another approach, must re check. Chen Xiaoqin said that the examination is in the "criminal law amendment (nine)" after the implementation of the first national judicial examination, I hope the candidates to seriously understand the "criminal law amendment (nine)" the provisions involved in cheating, knowing the serious consequences, in violation of the law should be actively pro, serious test. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: