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Food-and-Drink Clarion Group is well known in providing excellent college dining services. They come up with solutions to address the client’s situation and adopt an integrated approach to the project using a network of specialists from related disciplines to achieve the objectives imaginatively, efficiently and affordably. The results are fresh, innovative solutions that meet or exceed objectives, requirements and standards. The capabilities of Clarion Group range from extensive management consulting services to facilities services consulting in facility design and facilities management capabilities. Clarion’s capabilities include strategic and business plan development, operational and financial consulting, food service contractor selection and management, employee relations and customer research and these manifest themselves in excellent college dining services. Opportunities abound for the client to improve its food service’s performance and reduce costs if the client knows where to look- and that’s the job of Clarion Group. Clarion Group puts all the pieces together to fulfill the client’s vision of excellent college dining services. Clarion Group Food Service Consultants enables the client to meet its food service objectives such as high quality and broad variety of meals to satisfy the employees and student customer base, quick, efficient, friendly services, high perception of value and low prices, knowing the level of satisfaction, meeting financial objectives and working at maximum efficiency, anticipating and responding to changing needs and circumstances, developing innovative, appropriate and effective responses, improving sales and controlling costs, studying effectiveness of food service facilities to meet client needs, analyzing and developing complete and accurate dining service accounting data, ensuring the client operations receives supervisory attention it deserves and finally, trying to make its college dining services not only better but the best. Clarion Group performs imaginative, practical planning and execution to ensure successful results and works closely with the client and architect to ensure that the college dining services and facility are customer friendly and cost-effective to build and operate. Clarion Group is dedicated to improving the value and effectiveness of the client’s college dining services and other food service operation and believes that quality and cost are partners and not adversaries. As experienced food service consultants, Clarion Group had been providing solutions and uncovering opportunities successfully for companies, professional firms, colleges, universities, schools and international institutions nationwide since 1995. Clarion Group fulfills its vision with: a unique, client-centered approach which focuses on achieving the bottom line results the client envisions; interdisciplinary services in all aspects of food service and facility operations, planning and designs to ensure integrated, effective results; real-life experience where the consultants bring extensive, hands-on experience as food service operators to assure the client that the solutions developed are innovative, realistic and actionable and its knowledge of the food service industry especially in how it works, where to find the resources, who the players are and how to deal with them. For more information on college dining services and other food industry management consulting, facility design and facilities management services visit the Clarion Group website: Clariongp. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: