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Data-Recovery Gone are the days when the needs of data archiving, backup and recovery were the major concerns of an IT department. In modern times this process has also secured a pivotal place in the growing corporate and/or .mercial issues. Loss or theft of critical data can definitely impact the day to day running of any business. The need of data protection and data management has now be.e vital in the security of a .panys success. Redstor pride themselves in being an organisation leading the way for cloud services and data protection solutions throughout the United Kingdom. So, if you need to take cover from any loss of data or customer information that can be harmful to you and the overall existence of your brand and its reputation, you need to employ the services of Redstor. Since 1998, Redstor services have been assuring the security of .plex data structures for organisations across remote, central or worldwide locations that have been second to none. The efficient and effective cloud services offered make it easier for them to access their critical data whenever or wherever they wish. Redstor are .mitted to walk the extra mile offering any business unit or individual every possible measure to protect and preserve their customer data. Safeguarding their interests in the most appropriate manner a dedicated customer support team customised for each individual .pany, has actually made Redstor one of the main .petitors in its sector. In addition to a strong foothold Redstor also have an equally prominent presence in the English Education Market with partnerships linking them to over 85-service providers addressing over 14,000 schools all throughout the United Kingdom. They are focused in delivering simplified solutions of device management services through solutions like CentraStage. Launched in the year of 2005, the Redstor Online Backup service now dons to have over 350 TBs of customer data under its umbrella, which is one of the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom. In ensuring that you experience the most reliable service for data protection and data management, Redstor maintains symmetry with the latest prescribed law and guidelines. Redstor will assure that not only will they serve you with the best data storage solutions and backups, but will also provide you with these solutions, in an ethical and legal manner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: