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Jewelry-Diamonds The Rosaria has its origin from the year 1214 when St. Dominic has established its presence after confirming it from the Virgin Mary. He took great efforts to spread the usage of holy symbol throughout the world for the benefit of Catholic Church. Even hundreds of competing traditions could not break over the rosary which is used by Christians. It is in practice among the Hindus who use wooden beads for praying and meditating God in temples and prayer halls. Initially, Christians were in the habit of using rope knots for counting the number of times they offered prayer. The same practice got transformed to wooden beads later on, when Catholic rosary was born. It is customary to repeat the prayers of Lord 150 times using the holy symbol of wooden beads. For people who find it difficult to memorize the prayer, it was easy to use wooden beads in the form of necklace for repeating and counting the prayer. In 1569, it was Pope Pius V who first started the method of standard prayers which is based on wooden beads which also includes the popular meditation technique for solving the mystery. Christians will recite the term Hail Mary for 10 times and further say our father touching the large bead in the middle. Each bead represents one decade and wooden beads carry significant values in it. You have several kinds of mysteries namely, joyful type, sorrowful type and lastly glorious mysteries. You can find several online websites which sell popular beads for offering prayer and meditation. Apart from the traditional wooden beads, some people prefer to use beads made of various materials like silver, metals and expensive gold. In the wooden type, you have different varieties based on the quality of wood used for making beads. Each Christian will have minimum one wooden bead with him for conducting prayers before the Almighty. The Catholic rosary of bead will typically have one large bead after the count of 10 smaller beads. In this arrangement, the group of ten beads is identified as one decade and in a wooden bead there will be total of 150 beads. This number is associated with the 150 Psalms found in the Bible. In the last century, Pope John Paul II offered suggestion of adding another bead or decade in the Rosaria but the idea was rejected later. The cost of each wooden bead is very moderate and people dont really make them for profit or business since it carries holy values of the religion. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: