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Personal-Tech It’s amazing how technology has enabled individuals to develop really innovative devices including digital pen recorders. They are exceptional devices which can save your handwriting as you use the product and can even record audio and produce them into audio files. The Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smartpen is 1 of the exceptional models of these pens that you’ve got to know about, and this review will cover everything you have to know. Design In appearance, it’s a very sleek and gorgeous pen with silver anodized aluminum housing and a 96×18 OLED display. It has the dimensions of 6.1” x 0.55” x 0.63” along with a weight of 36 grams or 1.three ounces. It is just like an ordinary pen in case you take a look at it at a glance, but whenever you scrutinize it, it has plenty of outstanding features. It has a titanium color with a silver band and black accents which make it look really nice and elegant even in its simplicity. The device records everything you take note of utilizing the exclusive notebook included in its package. It also records audio and plays it back on the speaker. Recording Features It is created to be a camera, audio recorder, and writing recorder all in 1. It has an embedded microphone for mono recording, and an embedded speaker for less difficult playback of recorded audio. The microphone is located at the edge of the display, and it makes recording very straightforward since it’s already built in so you no longer have to use an external microphone. The embedded speaker has slots where the sound is emitted. It can also access a 3D recording headset which can produce binaural or stereo recordings along with the 2.5mm audio jack located at the bottom end of the pen is where you connect the headset. The 3D headset is helpful for distant recording so your recording capability isn’t entirely limited to the nearby space. The device has an infrared camera which can save up to 70 images per second, saving all your writings efficiently and not missing a letter. The infrared camera is designed to take photos of everything that you write down and when you upload the images on the PC, you’ll be able to read every thing you’ve written precisely how you wrote it. The device operates on a 300 mAH rechargeable lithium battery which is non-removable. It also has a USB mobile charging cradle which permits you to connect the pen directly to the PC and access the files saved in the pen whilst charging it simultaneously. Other Features The 2 GB pen can save a great deal of data including audio recordings and notes that you took within the special Livescribe notebook. It has a Fast Record function that allows a quick access audio recording application that lets you easily record without navigating too much. It also has a scientific calculator along with a quick calculator which might be launched and used on any dot paper. It also features time, date, storage, battery and other crucial settings in making the use of the pen far more efficient. The pen has a 5-way navigation and menu system which you are able to utilize making use of a pre-printed or drawn plus sign. It even has demo applications which feature a translator demo and paper piano. Other extra software is offered for sale at livescribe… Conclusion If you are looking for something to assist you make taking notes during lectures less difficult and much more optimal, digital pen recorders are the best tools for you. And with the features of the Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smartpen, you can surely have all the crucial features that you require and you are able to access them all with a easy scribble. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: