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Business owners should study the TV series Dragons Den to identify the modus operandi of the individual Dragons like Peter Jones, Duncan Bannatyne, Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden & James Caan. Much can be learnt from watching any business Pitch on this riviting BBC TV series. Hopefully as we head out of the current economic downturn, the new Dragon’s Den (DD) 2010 series will identify future growth trends for investors & aspiring entrepreneurs. As we cruise through one of the worst economic catastrophes in British history, business owners are finding some comfort in the green business shoots that are appearing on the landscape. However many business directors and entrepreneurs are left wondering if this economic downturn has altered the types of new businesses being launched. Given that Peter Jones is considered a business visionary, DD offers a fantastic resource for identifying future growth. The DD TV series is growing from strength to strength, and if there were a league of top business entertainment TV programmes, then the DD would probably be fighting for the top slot with The Apprentice. Peter Jones offers conventional businesses owners and aspiring business entrepreneurs the inside view of investment finance required to grow a business. Every established business owner recognises the value in this service. Thanks to an outstanding production team at the BBC, watching a DD business Pitch is both exciting, exhilarating and often cringe worthy. Avid business fans are anticipating the new DD 2010 series featuring Peter Jones, Duncan Bannatyne, Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden & James Caan will be the best series yet. In previous episodes of the the DD, all kinds of business pitch ideas have been presented to Simon Woodroffe, Rachel Elnaugh, Richard Farleigh and Doug Richard. However the real success of the DD TV series lies in the new team of Dragons namely Peter Jones, Duncan Bannatyne, Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden and James Caan. Much of the success of DD and the Dragons can be attributed to addressing future growth, and Peter Jones is the Master Business Visionary who specialises in exponentional business growth. Hosted by Evan Davis who is recognised as an economics expert. Probably the last thing he factored for in his career path was the role of TV presenter and dragon slaying with the BBC. Even though Evan Davis is better placed than most of the Dragons in understanding the viability of most of the DD ideas. Given that most of the high profile focus is on the DD investors, it will be interesting to see if the BBC retain the services of Evan Davis as the host for the 2010 eighth Series. The DD TV series seems to be going from strength to strength. The BBC seems to have found a perfect synergy between business, which is typically viewed as somewhat boring by a TV audience, and top quality entertainment. A high percentage of the DD 2010 audience will no doubt be riveted by the drama of watching an aspiring business entrepreneur crumbling under the pressure of the fierce Dragons as they deliver their Pitch. Many viewers anticipate the new DD 2010 series will seek to identify business opportunities with scope for fast future growth. In fact DD and the Dragons looks set to capitalise on the current credit crunch affecting business traders by running its longest TV series to date. This means that the Dragons, Peter Jones,Duncan Bannatyne, Theo Paphitis,Deborah Meaden and James Caan will be gracing our TV screens for a 10 week series in 2010. From an entertainment perspective most of the DD TV series is like car crash TV. Entrepreneurs fold under interrogation about their financial projections, their gross and net profits and the anticipated return on the Dragons investment. By far the single most cringe worthy factor is hearing an aspiring entrepreneur pitching for up to 300,000 pounds while offering the Dragons an equity stake of just 5% to 10%. The dreaded response from Peter Jones, Duncan Bannatyne, Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden or James Caan of, "tell me how you value your business at 3,000,000 million pounds when you haven’t sold a single product and you have no assets?" The silence really is deafening. It’s really hard for anyone pitching for investment to recover from such a ravishing comment like this. Equally engaging is when an entrepreneur is pitching for investment and the Dragons pick holes in their business idea or concept. Savvy entrepreneurs will remain silent and gather their thoughts while foolish entrepreneurs go on the offensive and attack the Dragons verbally. Who could ever forget the loud Southerner who told one of the Dragons not to treat him like a schmuck even though he was acting exactly like a schmuck. Perfect entertainment and DD TV at its finest. Dragon Slaying is a rare occurrence on DD TV and those who succeed are interviewed by Evan Davis the DD host. His quiet demeanour always seems to bring out the best in the Dragon Slayers, and credit where it’s due, he always asks those who failed to find investment some probing questions. He’s never afraid to inform the more aggressive failures that they might have fared better if they had shut up and listened. Despite tens of thousands of UK business failures during the last 2 years, including many well known High Street names, few online businesses felt the impact of the credit crunch to the extent felt by many conventional offline businesses. That said, it will be interesting to see if Peter Jones continues targeting online and e-commerce digital businesses. It will be equally interesting to see if any digital or online business pitch is delivered in a simple enough style to attract self confessed technophobe Duncan Bannatyne. This is the beauty of the Dragons Den and the Dragons, as you can never anticipate which pitch is backed up with realistic future growth potential. From a purely entertainment perspective, I hope the new DD 2010 series continues to promote the verbal Judo and in-house figurative sparring between the two team alliances of Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden and Duncan Bannatyne and Dragons Den James Caan. One thing is certain, if these two teams take their eye off the investment ball for a split second, then Peter Jones will slip under the radar screen and snatch up a lucrative business opportunity. This is one of the many aspects that has propelled the success of the DD. Dragons Den Peter Jones Peter Jones believes when it comes to competition in the marketplace, sport and business converge. He believes competitive business is all about winning and he strives to be better than all his business competitors. As an entrepreneur starting on your own you need to win every deal as you build your business and achieve future growth. Dragons Den Duncan Bannatyne Duncan Bannatyne started his business career by purchasing an ice creme van for 450 pounds. He expanded his ice creme business before selling it to finance the next stage of his business future growth, Duncan remain so smart about money that he has just written another business book titled, "How To Be Smart With Your Money." Duncan is very much a people person who entrusts his team members. Dragons Den Theo Paphitis On previous series of the DD Theo Paphitis formed a strategic joint venture partnership alliance. This was been forged for several investments by what’s become known as Team Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden. Dragons Den Deborah Meaden Deborah Meaden believes every business owner should ask themselves the following question. "Why will the customers choose me?" Viewers of the DD 2010 series will no doubt be monitoring this competitive investment sparring between these two teams. Other viewers will be keen to see how the Visionary Peter Jones counters these two partnerships. Dragons Den James Caan During the lean times of 1995 James Caan employed 25 people. He took a risk and bought an office building that would house 120 employees. It was a big risk which paid off. James Caan who is considered the ‘Dragons Den People’s Investor’ cites a comment made to him when he was growing up about being able to tell how serious a person is by the way they maintain their shoes. Dragons Den Evan Davis Although not a Dragon himself, Evan Davis is another of the founding fathers. His role as an Economics Expert is to introduce and post pitch interview the candidates chosen from several thousand to present their DD pitch. Dr. Mark D. Yates is The British American Security Expert he has 20 years experience delivering his security expertise to numerous governments, Intelligence security agencies & businesses worldwide. He specialises in close protection bodyguard services & asset protection. Sign up for his FREE 52 security tips then visit him at =>.www.asecurityonestopshop.com e-mail him at [email protected] Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Business 相关的主题文章: