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Fitness-Equipment Duke Blue Devils have made special preparations for Stephen Curry, and it isn’t just limited to the defense. The crowd will be at its rowdy best. Curry will surely be thinking about that. Stephen Curry is the leading scorer in the nation and has pull off some exquisite performances; Davidson’s NCAA tournament run last season, was one such performance which shot him to fame and the one at Madison Square Garden which proved that the Wildcats (10-2) are big time players was another. It won’t be easy, even for a player of the magnitude of Curry to walk out of the court smiling. The Blue Devils have put on two big winning streaks inside a rowdy and a boisterous building which has a seating capacity of over 9000. The record shows that the Blue Devils should not worry much about Curry, either. The Blue Devils have a record of 12-1 and are yet to lose a non conference home game in nearly nine full years. The last match they lost at Cameron was in ’81 and that too to instate and a non ACC team, the Davidson. The Devils will be under pressure of not losing a game at their home court. They would like to repeat what they did to Curry two seasons ago, when they defeated Davidson, 75-47. But that was a game when Curry wasn’t the Curry we know today. It was before the last season’s NCAA tournament where he led the 10th-seeded Davidson to a spot in the final four. Curry is the best guard in the country and is a sensational player. He takes shots when ever his team needs and when he does, more often than not, they go in. At present he is not showing any signs of slowing down. He continues to lead Division I in scoring, even though he had to change his position to point guard and has also been under a lot of pressure from the opposing teams and his fans. Unfazed by all this, he still averages 29.2-points per game. At Madison Square Garden, Curry delivered when his team needed him the most. The crowd was awestruck and Curry became a phenomenon, each of his 27 shots at the Jimmy V Classic, were ooh-ed by the crowd. He missed 12 of his first 13 3-pointers, but after that he scored 13 of Davidson’s final 15 points in a 68-65 victory over West Virginia. The Dukes have a formidable defense; they are stronger and conceded only 13 points to Virginia Tech in the second half, in their last game and defeated them, 69-44. Curry will be getting a lot of focus from the Duke defenders. The strong defense will force him to take tough shots and make life difficult for him at the court. Curry takes most of the shots when he is left free or ignored by the opposition, but the Dukes are prepared and won’t let him get out of their sight. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: