During the national day I air-conditioning season sales increased by 25% tokyo hot n0476

During the national day I air-conditioning season sales increase of 25% today (October 8th), from the Municipal Commission of Commerce News, in the Past National Day holiday, I mainly focus on monitoring the city business district and commercial enterprises in retail sales of 6 billion 540 million yuan, an increase of 13%. Among them, household appliances, automobile consumption has increased considerably, air-conditioning season sales, its sales growth reached 25%. The price of holiday consumer market stable pork prices fell slightly for the maintenance of the holiday market stable, effective supply of consumer protection, the Municipal Commission of Commerce guidance double blessing, hundred weight, such as the key for enterprises to Yonghui marketing convergence, increase inventory, ensure adequate grain, meat, poultry, eggs and milk as the main supply of daily necessities market, and strengthen emergency duty, start the festival market daily monitoring and early warning. According to monitoring, during the festival, the city’s key shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers market in an orderly manner, the citizens of the basket and fruit plate overall price stability. The necessities of life in addition to eggs, sugar prices rose slightly, pork prices fell slightly, and the individual vegetable prices fluctuate slightly, the other with the usual commodity prices were unchanged, did not appear out of stock out of stock. Household appliances, automobile consumption the most awesome Yuzhong auto consumption per vehicle subsidy of 2000 yuan Municipal Commission of Commerce, brand clothing, bedding, bags, cosmetics, jewelry, fresh food is still the mainstream consumer stores during the holidays. The concern is that the home decoration, the upgrading of high-end home appliances such as product factors and leading home appliance demand, high-definition TV, intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, digital products, air purifier has become the hot spot of consumption. Such as: HUAWEI, OPPO and other domestic mobile phone brand representatives and intelligent small appliances sales growth of 16.5% year-on-year growth, TV sales reached 18%, showing the air conditioning season sales, an increase of 25%. Car consumption is still the darling of holiday consumption market. Yuzhong district held auto consumption activities for a period of one month, each 2000 yuan subsidy, Jiangbei District, Jiulongpo District to carry out the auto show, to further promote the release of consumer demand for car. During the festival, the southwest car sales rose by more than 10%, an increase of nearly 20% bescar automobile sales. The natural history museum, two rivers tour welcomes the peak passenger flow business cross-border integration has become the highlight of consumption with the diversification of consumer demand, consumption and expanding areas of culture, tourism, leisure, entertainment and other service consumption continued warming. Daily reception of readers in Chongqing library about 4000 passengers during the festival and Chongqing Bookstore jointly launched "you choose the books, I pay the wisdom of reading service, attracting many people for advice; the natural history museum ushered in the peak passenger flow, to visit the public daily over 20 thousand passengers. The National Day golden week is the foreign tourists to the Chongqing peak, major tourist attractions, scenic passenger reviews. Chongqing Chongqing night landscape and the perfect fusion of two rivers travel by tourists and visitors every day to receive 20 thousand tickets. National Day is also the golden week of the movie box office, the new release of the film in Chongqing, the more inspired the people’s enthusiasm for the film, driven by the rapid growth of the city’s box office. Monument for Liberation was first held in the premiere of the film, released at the scene, Yuzhong ten lines, ten city delicacy travel routes, the cross-border financial business.相关的主题文章: