Famine online version docking caused concern QQ game hall Heritage Classic lm3886

"Famine: online version of the" butt caused the attention of the QQ game hall Heritage Classic [Abstract]10 month 20 days, "famine: online edition" officially launched in the QQ game hall, will look again to the massive game player QQ game hall. Since the listing of 03 years, QQ game hall has been accompanied by players for over a period of 13 years, but also allows many players to experience the fun and leisure from the game. Recently, we can find many classic single game including Legend of Sword and Fairy, famine, heroes, Once, have joined the QQ game hall, QQ games hall with modest style, with a low profile to service game player. "Famine: online version of the" Hall of log in the game focus on the game 13 years hard to build "omnipresent happiness" regardless of whether you have in the QQ game hall to enjoy their leisure time, you must have seen many game player in streets and lanes in the hall tour. QQ games hall’s "chess mahjong" and "leisure sports", "games", "game" and many other categories, from the children’s play "bubble" game to fathers favorite "Chinese chess", the QQ game hall from the aspects of many games include. And this is also in line with the concept of the QQ game hall, that is designed to bring users "ubiquitous happiness". As of today, the focus of the game 13 years of QQ game hall, is still quietly for users to bring happiness and leisure, to fulfill their responsibility. QQ game hall leisure sports classification to start a single player for the game to select the best single game as one of the game’s first category, the development so far, has its unique face and play. We can call a few games stand-alone, because they do not need networking". But in most cases, single in our impression, it is still a number of classic works, such as "Heroes", "Legend of the series", "Xuanyuan sword", "destiny (fate stay night), and the now popular new games such as" famine". They have a very good quality and loyal fans, but also has the inherent barriers to disc purchase, high experience price. There are a lot of players eager to experience the excellent stand-alone works, but because of these barriers, had to turn to download the popular piracy on the market. At the same time, there are lots of stand-alone game player costly price uneven in quality, after the purchase, and then find the quality problem is too late. In the face of these conditions, the force of the QQ game hall stand-alone, docking famine: online version seems to be going to bring about a single player surprise. QQ game force single price to break the single barrier for quality services to bring attention to the famine ": online version of" game player in the whole network lowest price of 21 yuan, and also presented the print skin, perhaps this is the QQ game hall of the public service of a show. As of now, the QQ game hall contains 55 classic single, they are free to make, such as "gravity roaming" and "blade sword", but also to the ultra low price to the side of the classic game game player, such as "once" and "settlers", "ESU: Searl’s cetta the river"; both single Japanese love.相关的主题文章: