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Weight-Loss Finally FDAs panel of experts reviewed Vivus Inc.s new wonder-pill Qnexa Today. Their report suggested that the pills are extremely harmful to the body. The side effects includes but not restricted to 1) Cardiac Arrest 2) Strokes 3) Loss of memory and increased concentration loss 4) Can induce suicidal thoughts 5) Induce lack of motivation Despite these issues, these drug companies want to get the pills in to the market. Who in this world would want to lose the extra flabs by risking their life? The root cause of all these issues is the human URGE to get instant results in everything. Look at the maximum possible scams happening in the world. Get Rich Quick Scheme, High Yielding programs, enhancing ones sexual life within a month, 20 pounds weight loss within a month and get you lost hair within a month. These marketers simply exploit that urge of the mankind to get instant result. While in many other cases such exploitation will result only in monetary losses for the victim, but when it comes to weight loss, such scams can be really dangerous to life as well. Today for most marketers Promising Instant Result = Huge Money. These manufacturers and marketers dont care about the customers welfare all they care about is the psychology of customers and how to exploit it. While many customers today have become very smart in analyzing all the pros and cons of a product before buying it, sadly there is a huge bunch of people who continue to be the eternal victims. What is the best way of reducing your extra weight and still remain healthy and fit? I have written about SATTVIC Diet coupled with weight loss Yoga. Literally no diet pill in this world can help you shed your fat and be harmless to your body. The first step in a weight loss plan is to get in to a good mind set. Your body can do wonders, but for that you need to trust your body than the trust you have on diet pills and instant weight loss fads. Assume two cases. A person is participating in a Tennis tournament and after winning four rounds, followed by hard fought victories in the quarterfinal, semifinal and the final is winning a beautiful gold medal and Gold Plated Cup. While another person at the same time goes to a goldsmith and gets an instant gold medal and a gold plated cup. At the end of it, both possess the same thing, but is there any achievement in the second case? While in the first case you need good equipment and a coach (There are good weight loss guides) in the latter case all you need is money. Preparation, planning and proper execution, for a healthy weight loss all these things are important. It gives immense satisfaction and joy while you plan and execute something and get the rewards of it rather than going for a quick fix. While you can go for a liposuction or some dangerous fat loss pills, you will always regain the lost fat quickly, whereas a healthy and natural weight loss through workouts, yoga or a planned diet will give you lasting results. Simply put, fitness and weight loss should target, healthy and long life rather than cutting your life short along with numerous side effects. Best Guides for Weight Loss – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: