Former U.S. Secretary of state Hilary questioned every thing she handled all messed up

Former U.S. Secretary of state Hilary questioned: every thing she handled all messed up the original title: Hilary was voted against Obama, according to Xinhua News Agency recently exposed e-mails showed us presidential candidate Hilary · Clinton for his presidential campaign in 2008 by Barack · Obama and vengeful. Obama was called "the man", a group of former U.S. Secretary of State Colin · communication messages with others Powell two days recently by the United States a lot of media exposure. In an e-mail marked March 14, 2015, Geoffrey, the Democrat’s "king," and, the financial tycoon, wrote: "I don’t think that Hilary could believe that she would lose," said ·. This is the glory she wants. She had everything else. She hated the president who beat her in 2008. She calls the president ‘the man’. She can’t believe it or accept it." Hilary in the 2008 Democratic presidential candidate for the party nomination to Obama. After Obama took office, Hilary, a secretary of state under his command, retiring in 2013. Hilary announced in April 2015 to compete for the presidency again. The same as the Democratic Party, Obama repeatedly for the Hilary platform". However, Liz believes that, in fact, Obama does not care whether or not to be elected president of the. Talking about the campaign has been plagued by Hilary’s "mail", Liz wrote: "no one love her, this case is not finished. I don’t think she’ll be sorry if she’s really in trouble." Powell dissatisfied himself as a scapegoat, mail door refers to the Secretary of state during the period of private mail and server to deal with official mail. This incident has become a political opponent of the upper hand, but also to her reputation has been questioned. In an interview with the FBI, Hilary said at a dinner in 2009, Powell suggested that she use a personal mail account. Powell responded that there is no impression on the matter, only to write an e-mail memo to Hilary, said he was dealing with non confidential information used by the U.S. On-Line Company private e-mail account is very convenient. Powell in August to accept the "people" magazine interview, the camp for him to pull the water to express dissatisfaction with the Hilary. "She’s been trying to put the blame on me. The truth is, I gave her a memo telling her what I was doing, and before that, she had been using it for a year." Exposure of e-mail shows that Powell repeatedly asked Hilary’s people, do not pull him into the "mail door", but useless, and finally the fire of the Powell. In an email, Powell wrote, at a party, "I was a bit of a temper to attract their attention". "Just tell her what she did and don’t pull me in, Hilary ·," she said. "It could have been over two years ago," said Clinton." Powell also questioned the ability of Hilary. He wrote in August last year to Liz in an e-mail: "Hilary · Clinton handled every 2相关的主题文章: