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Email-Marketing There really can be no better way to earn good money then through a well thought out and executed email campaign. In deed, right now there are people just like yourself, who are earning thousands of dollars each and every day off an idea that they thought of that no body thought would work. You may have heard the same words yourself. Quite dreaming and get a regular job. $10,000 Per Month In Sales Is Not That Far Out of reach Do the math! All you have to do is something like 10 sales a day of a product valued at $35 to make $10,000 per month. If you add this all up and find that I’m off a bit, it’s because I did the math on my fingers. Either way, you get the picture. Also when I use the word product, I’m referring to an information products that can be quickly and easily downloaded to a buyer. Your Going To Need Email Addresses for An Email Campaign #1The first thing that you are going to have to do is devise a way to begin raking in email addresses. Not just any email addresses either but addresses of people who have expressed a previous interests in what ever it is that you are planning selling. For this you will need a top related website. Dog training, body building, 70’s muscle cars, black powder model guns, dating etc. Create a Nice Topic Related Information Product #2The next item on your agenda is to research and write up at least one nice information product on your topic. House Train Your Dog In One Day, 10 Top Muscle Building Foods, "How to Save On Gas While Boosting Power In Your Muscle Car and the list of ideas just goes on and on. It’s a Free Enticement for Harvesting Email Addresses #3 After you’ve .pleted your brief informational product, offer it up on your site for free. Well, it’s not totally free because for someone to order and download it, they are first going to have to fill in their email address and maybe even answer a few topic related question on a 5 question survey. Start Preparing An Information Product for Your Email Campaign #4The next item on your agenda should be to start working on a nice information product that you will eventually offer up for sale to all the wonderful interested people through your email campaign, who you have cultivated through your website. Bear in mind that it will have to be of a certain level of quality and substance, lest your reputation be sullied About the Author: 相关的主题文章: