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Book-Marketing Although lead generation solutions are the "Life Blood" of every business but are also one of the largest expenses. Learning free lead generation techniques that actually work can significantly decrease business expenses. A working lead generation solution is a requirement for every business. Whether the business is home-based or brick-and-mortar, small or large, online or offline, the basic requirement is the same… a regular stream of prospects wanting what they have to offer. Getting this can be difficult and relying on purchased leads usually is expensive and doesn’t always generate the desired sales. In the home-based and online business arena, owners have been traditionally been trained to use leads purchased from vendors for voice mail, email and cold-calling campaigns. However, because these leads are usually generated with generic capture pages, the information collected is often not very reliable and certainly not targeted to the product being marketed. Although using purchased leads as a lead generation solution used to be a workable option, it is quickly becoming less of one. Even the supposedly targeted leads usually have incorrect information in a percentage of the leads, making the use of them frustrating at best. In addition, depending on the amount of work involved in collecting the data and the perceived value of the potential customer, these targeted leads can be very expensive to purchase. Many business people are looking for a better lead generation solution, but are frustrated with their options. Most people know that generating their own leads is the best way to go…the conversion rate is far better. However, few online (and offline) businesses are skilled at creating an appropriate volume of prospects to make their business a success. What do business need to find to solve this problem? They need to be trained on methods of creating targeted prospects that want a product at least similar to what the business is offering. This statement seems pretty obvious but the how is like the "million dollar question"! And, what about creating a free lead generation source as well! There is no shortage of training… unfortunately, it is usually based on individual techniques. You can find sources for all of the popular techniques… articles, ezines, classifieds, forums, magazines, PPC, press releases, web 2.0, blogging, etc. However, the amount of information is enormous. There are basically two options once they have decided to begin creating their own leads. First, they can purchase ebooks on each of the methods they want to use and try and sort it all out. There is overlap in all of this material and it can be difficult to decide which source to believe. Secondly, they can use a comprehensive training course that covers the majority, if not all of the techniques… both traditional and cutting edge. Ideally, this program would include the traditional methods, including free lead generation and more expensive options. It would include new cutting edge methods, including web 2.0. It would be dynamic… changing with the marketplace, which is always on the move. It would include training techniques spanning video, audio and ebooks so that everyone could learn the techniques. And it would be created by a person, or persons that are experienced and "in the trenches" now. The bottom line…. businesses need to find a way to generate their own leads that include free lead generation techniques and more expensive ones. Stop buying expensive leads that don’t produce the results desired. Find a training program that will teach all of the techniques for the quickest road to a larger list of prospects, more sales and less frustration. "Never Buy Another Lead"! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: