French intelligence Leon nearly 15 times playing nice only lost 2 times-soojin

French intelligence: Leon nearly 15 times playing nice only lost 2 times on Friday, 030           French   VS     Janice Leon;   2016-10-15; 02:45             4 wins 1 flat 3 negative, Leon new season performance is not satisfactory, relying on goal difference advantage barely ranks in fifth. However, objectively speaking, the fifth ranking midfielder captain Gonalons for not easily won, because the suspended out of the last 4 games, the number one Lacazette is sidelined for a month, and the main defender Rafael jalhay, attacking midfielder Valbuena has injured striker, and Gezal a fee based, minor injuries and a move by distress a whole, on August. In case of serious incomplete lineup, Lyon got 2 wins in the past 3 games, 5 more than 1 to 0 victory over 2 Montpelier fully and delightfully, Derby Saint Etienne high gold content. The Lyon received the good news, the players in addition to jalhay still recovering, the rest have reached the requirements of the competition, coach Theo for the first time this season, the heat can discharge the strongest lineup. The three line, Lyon striker Lacazette, especially its fylkir and Gezal Trident to reproduce the French, nice defence will be a great test. As the team this season the French conceded the fewest, nice and not in defence at the beginning of the season showed that solid, the last 2 games lost the ball, especially the Europa League 2 to 5 is the strength not strong opponents defeated Russia, in that game, Dante and halfback combination bass performance called disaster. As French is the only undefeated team, Kniss in the first 8 rounds of 6 wins 2 flat unexpected success, which is the biggest dark horse this season; the end of August to join Balotelli into the new team very quickly, in only 3 Ligue 1 has 5 balls, in the official September best player award came in second place, his great color to eliminate the negative impact on the core to leave after the season Ben arfa. The problem is from God’s personal play depends on the nice recent shining record largely, once his performance (such as the Europa League defeat battle), nice offensive power will be greatly reduced. Need to pay attention to Kniss despite the Ligue 6 victory at most, but 5 of them are only 1 ball victory over, its strength is not enough to challenge the champion point. 4 to 0 victory over Monaco Kniss is the most brilliant season battle, after that, Kniss although the League winning streak, the specific performance was a certain decline, were more than 1 to 0 and 2 to 1 victory over the current row in the countdown to the first and last second Lorient Nancy does not boast, Lorient defeat in the last round of the home court in the game, Kniss shot in number 8 to 19 significantly behind the second half and even opponents long time siege, this is the decline in the state of strong evidence; Lorient is served with two fast winger turns to the impact, let Kniss back overwhelmed). 法甲情报:里昂近15次打尼斯只输了2次   周五030     法甲     尼斯VS里昂     2016-10-15 02:45            4胜1平3负,里昂新赛季表现无法令人满意,依靠着净胜球的优势才勉强排在第五。然而客观地说,这第五的排名来之不易,盖因中场队长格纳隆因停赛缺席了过去4轮联赛,头号拉卡泽特则因伤休战了一个月,主力后卫拉斐尔和雅莱、攻击中场瓦尔布埃纳先后受伤,前锋费基尔和盖扎尔一个小伤不断,一个受到转会困扰、整个八月份一场未上。在阵容严重残缺不全的情况下,里昂在过去3战中拿到了2场胜利,5比1血洗蒙彼利埃酣畅淋漓,2比0击败德比对手圣埃蒂安含金量极高。   本场里昂收到好消息,上述球员中除了雅莱仍在恢复中,其余的都达到了比赛要求,主帅热内西奥本赛季第一次可以排出最强阵容。三线比较,里昂锋线尤其鼎盛,拉卡泽特、费基尔和盖扎尔三叉戟重现法甲,尼斯后防必将受到极大考验。作为今季法甲失球数最少的球队,尼斯的后防近段并不像季初所展现的那么稳固,最近2场都丢了球,尤其是欧联杯中2比5被实力并不强的俄罗斯对手击溃,在那场比赛中,丹特和拜斯的中卫组合表现堪称灾难。   作为法甲目前唯一的不败球队,尼斯在前8轮中取得6胜2平佳绩令人始料不及,堪称是今季最大黑马;八月底加盟的巴洛特利融入新球队速度很快,仅参加3场法甲已经斩获5球,在官方的九月最佳球员评选中排在第二位,他的出彩极大消除了上赛季核心本阿尔法离队后的负面影响。问题在于尼斯近段彪炳的战绩很大程度上有赖于巴神的个人发挥,一旦他发挥欠佳(如欧联杯失利一役),尼斯的进攻威力便会大打折扣。   需要关注的是尼斯虽然取得了法甲最多的6场胜利,但其中有5场都仅以1球优势险胜,说明其实力并没有到足以挑战冠军的地步。4比0击败摩纳哥是尼斯今季最辉煌一役,在那之后,尼斯虽然联赛取得连胜,具体表现却有了一定下滑,分别以1比0和2比1险胜目前排在倒数第一的南锡和倒数第二的洛里昂并不值得夸耀,在上轮主场击败洛里昂的比赛中,尼斯在射门次数上以8比19大幅落后,下半场甚至被对手长时间围攻,这是其状态下滑的有力佐证;是役洛里昂用两个速度极快的边锋轮番冲击,让尼斯后防忙于招架,而速度,也正是里昂攻击群的强项。   此消彼长,里昂在状态层面已经不逊色于尼斯,而论及牌面实力以及明星球员的水准,里昂仍在尼斯之上。本场尼斯将拥有主场之利,偏偏里昂传统上非常擅长打尼斯,即便做客之时,近15次打尼斯也只输了2次。综合来看,里昂本场或许没有必胜的把握,但不败仍有较大希望。在平局和客胜之间,前者出现的概率或稍高一些。   (刘超华)相关的主题文章: