Freshmen want freshmen to take off underwear and be sexually harassed-k-boxing

Welcome to the new university accused of sexual harassment in public underwear off the original title: university orientation to newborn girls wearing only underwear and underwear with hands covering (Photos) Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Taiwan science and technology university logistics management department, marketing department, Department of Applied Foreign Electronic and environmental technology and Property Management Department of the 4 Department the day before, in the West Lake resort held joint orientation, was actually forced freshman boys and girls underwear, underwear removal. Welcome to the new underwear and Jinwen University of science and technology 4 departments jointly held the day before freshman orientation, students actually forced the boys to take off pants, girls take off underwear, but also with others, candy, and even drink spit out of the water, the participants were scared to cry: "teacher night too sick, I want to go home", the only good tour package will be back to the students, and parents to apologize, will punish Department of cadres. The school held a press conference this morning. The Institute of Medicine Professor of gender Ling Fang Cheng said, did not seek the consent of others, any touch about body power requirement is sexual harassment. The senior students of the liberal arts school do all these absurd requests to all the freshmen who participate in the new orientation, and they are also openly sexual harassment. Ling Fang Cheng said, even if some freshman has grown, but generally freshman, senior has some authority. Especially in the community, even if there is no dissatisfaction with the opposition, that is, due to the unequal relationship between the limited power, freshmen for the older sister’s opinion is more afraid to protest. The use of such students is equal to the authority, let the students. Ling Fang Cheng said, students think of fun and excitement, but no gender equality concept, need to re education, the school is not to the demerit, because education is more important than punishment. (United Daily)

大学迎新要新生脱内衣 被指公开性骚扰原标题:大学迎新要新生脱内衣 女生仅穿内裤用手遮胸(组图)台湾《联合报》报道,台湾景文科技大学营销物流管理系、应用外语系、电子系及环境科技与物业管理系等4系所,日前在西湖渡假村举办联合迎新,传出竟强迫大一新生男生脱内裤、女生脱内衣。迎新要新生脱内衣景文科技大学4个系所日前联合举办大一新生迎新会,学长学姐竟强迫男生要脱内裤、女生要脱内衣,还要含着别人身上的糖果,甚至喝别人吐出来的水,参与者被吓得连夜向老师哭诉:“太恶心了,我想回家”,校方只好包游览车将学生接回,并向家长道歉,也将惩处系学会干部。校方今天上午召开记者会,表示系学会干部将送性平会。高医性别研究所教授成令方表示,没有征求他人的同意,任何触及有关身体权力的要求就是性骚扰。景文科大的学长学姐对所有参与迎新的新生做这种荒唐的要求,更是集体公开的性骚扰行为。成令方表示,即使大一新生有的已经成年,但是对普遍大一新生来说,学长学姐具有一定的权威。尤其在群体之中,即使心存不满也没人反对,就是因受限权力关系的不对等,新生对于学长学姐的意见更是不敢抗议。而学长学姐等于运用这样的权威,让学弟妹就范。成令方表示,大学生以为好玩、刺激,却完全没有性别平等概念,需要再教育,学校其实不用到记过,因为教育比惩罚还重要。(联合报)相关的主题文章: