Get ready for these app, because you should be fat again this year!-nrf905

Get ready for these APP, because you should be fat again this year! Intro: "is the reason why we often neglect to exercise without hands", but the promotion of the ten major mobile phone applications can make fitness program more efficient, and healthy life with extreme ease! (ELLE Chinese network) pay attention to the public number, "tune with tune", see more wonderful original content! Nike Training Club designed by professional athletes, it is like a personal trainer, can give appropriate advice according to your needs, regardless of exercise time, intensity or key part can be easily adjusted. Myfitnesspal if you don’t control your diet, it’s futile to do more exercise. As long as you enter your daily intake and amount of exercise at Myfitnesspal, it calculates your consumption and makes your fitness program work twice. Sleep Cycle Sleep Cycle is a new application, it will be through the microphone to record your breathing during sleep, heart rate and movement, analysis of the quality of your sleep. Headspace if you’re surrounded by trivia pressure, Headspace can teach you how to focus your mind and relax your nervousness. Run Keeper, whether you’re a veteran runner or a beginner, Run Keeper is a trial and error program. It will aim at your usual level and record your footprint according to the GPS positioning function. The map shows the release to the social platform, must get good praise! Apple iOS9 Health iPhone Apple iOS9 Health users should not be missed, it can calculate your walking and running distance, the most important is that it is easy to use. Deliciously Ella this is the cooking vegetable dish teaching program, offers a variety of simple dishes recipes, plus a clear layout and an experience of vegetarian food photos, you break the boring imagine. Flexter provides training goals from 7 minutes to 60 minutes, as well as teaching videos and taking care of different levels of home use. IDance! Sports can be full of fun, Download iDance! Can follow the coach heart dance, you can also play the choreography, forget the eyes of others and dance! FitStar Yoga now many stars like to do yoga to keep fit, interest you may wish to install FitStar Yoga, you can learn from the internationally recognized yoga masters. What’s worth talking about is that the program will be updated regularly to make sure that the teaching actions are fresh and fun!

快把这些APP准备好 因为过年你又该胖了!   导语:“机不离手”往往是我们疏于锻炼的原因,但这次推介的十大手机应用程式却可以令健身计划更有效率,从此健康的生活唾手可得!(ELLE中文网) 关注公众号“ 有腔有调”,查看更多精彩原创内容!    Nike Training Club   由专业运动员设计,它就像一位私人教练,能按你的需要给予合适意见,无论锻炼时间、强度或重点部分都可轻易调整。    Myfitnesspal   若不控制饮食,再多锻炼也是徒劳无功。只要在Myfitnesspal输入你一天的进食和运动量,它便会计算你的消耗量,让健身计划事半功倍。    Sleep Cycle   Sleep Cycle是个新鲜的应用程式,它会透过麦克风记录你睡觉时的呼吸、心跳率和动作,分析你的睡眠质量。    Headspace   如果琐事压力缠绕着你,Headspace能教你如何集中冥想,放松一下紧张的心情。    Run Keeper   无论你是资深跑者还是新手上路,Run Keeper都是不可不尝试的程式。它会应你平日的程度來订立目标,并根据GPS定位功能來记录你的足迹。把地图显示发布到社交平台,一定得到好友的大赞!   Apple iOS9 Health   iPhone用户不应错过Apple iOS9 Health,它可以计算你的行走和跑步距离,最重要的是它方便易用。    Deliciously Ella   這是烹调素菜的教学程式,提供多种简单的菜肴食谱,加上明确清晰的版面和令人经验的食物照片,打破你对素食乏味的想像。     Flexter   提供了從7分钟到60分钟的锻炼目标,而且还有教学视频,照顾不同用家的水平。    iDance!   运动也可以充满乐趣,下载iDance!便可跟着教练随心舞动,你还可以担当编舞,忘掉別人的目光尽情起舞!    FitStar Yoga   现在不少明星都爱做瑜珈保持身材,感兴趣的你不妨安装FitStar Yoga,便可跟国际认可的瑜珈大师学习。值得一赞的是,这个程式会定时更新,确保教学动作都是新鲜好玩!相关的主题文章: