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Hebei cold wave blue warning, rain and snow atmosphere temperature dropped to below 0 degrees, there is a cold plus cold, called cold air collective delivery. Since the provincial meteorological observatory issued today for the first time this autumn cold blue warning signal, the cold air from Siberia and fresh delivery. Zhang Chengba has ushered in the first snow. Provincial Meteorological Observatory, 30, 11, 17, two issued blue warning cold wave signal: affected by cold air, from today night to tomorrow, the province has north to northeast wind 4 to 6; coastal sea area and coastal areas of northeast wind 6 to 7, gust 8 level. The next two days, the lowest temperature in most parts of the province will decline in Bashang area decreased 6-8 DEG C, 10-12 C. The lowest temperature in Bashang area will reach -12 DEG to -16 DEG C, the northern region will reach -6 DEG to -10 DEG C, other areas will reach 0 DEG C to -4 DEG C. This is the first time the meteorological station in Hebei province this fall since the release of cold blue warning signal, the day after tomorrow (November 1st) the lowest temperature in most areas will be reduced to 0 DEG C, the lowest temperature since the fall, brought to the relevant departments and the public good defense. Cold alert is coming. This fall to the lowest temperature! Expected tomorrow (October 31st), the lowest temperature in most areas of Hebei continue to decline in northern cities (Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao) the minimum temperature is -4 degrees centigrade to 1 degrees centigrade, central and southern regions and districts in the city is 0 to 5 DEG C; the day after tomorrow (November 1st), most of the region to the lowest temperature drop in northern area of 4 districts and cities a minimum temperature of -8 DEG to -5 DEG C, central and southern regions and districts in the city of -4 to 1 DEG C; in November 2nd, the lowest temperature in most areas increased, the northern region 4 city minimum temperature of -4 degrees centigrade to 0 degrees centigrade, central and southern regions and districts in the city -1 to 3 DEG C. Rain and snow will also come, our province the next 3 days weather forecast: 30 days at night, Shijiazhuang, Xingtai, Handan cloudy cloudy, light rain or sporadic rain, other areas cloudy. 31 day, Shijiazhuang, Cangzhou and South cloudy, other areas cloudy. 31 days night to November 1st, south of Zhangjiakou, Baoding, northern Shijiazhuang sleet or sporadic snow, other areas cloudy negative. The night of 1 to 2, the eastern region cloudy, other areas cloudy. Meteorological departments reminded that the recent cold air activity frequently, most areas of air temperature showed a downward trend, people should pay attention to clothing warm, beware of cold. Another baby was debating whether or not to wear long johns, Hebei baby quickly find trousers! The light is not enough to wear trousers, cold, the warm tips must tell people around here on the cover in the dry down down to loose upper body heat to cover most of head neck out. The neck cold may cause vasoconstriction and neck muscle spasm, so be sure to wear a scarf or wear a sweater, especially don’t let neck exposed. The best way to wear a mask is not only to keep warm, but also because of the strong wind, dust, respiratory resistance decline, easy to be invaded by bacteria. The middle part is dry, everybody knows the cold air strikes those!

河北寒潮蓝色预警 雨雪大风气温降至0℃以下   有一种冷上加冷,叫冷空气集体发货。省气象台今天发布今秋以来首次寒潮蓝色预警信号,来自西伯利亚的冷空气又要新鲜发货啦。 张承坝上已迎来首场大雪。   省气象台30日11时、17时两次发布寒潮蓝色预警信号:   受冷空气影响,今天夜间到明天白天,全省有北到东北风4到6级;沿岸海区及沿海地区有东北风6到7级,阵风8级。明后两天,全省大部分地区最低温度将下降6-8℃,坝上地区下降10-12℃。最低气温坝上地区将达-12℃至-16℃,北部地区将达-6℃至-10℃,其他地区将达0℃至-4℃。这是河北省气象台今秋以来首次发布寒潮蓝色预警信号,后天(11月1日)大部地区最低气温将降至0℃以下,出现今秋以来的最低气温,提请相关部门和公众做好防御。 寒潮预警来了。   今秋最低气温来了!   预计明天(10月31日),河北大部地区最低气温继续下降,北部地区设区市(张家口、承德、唐山、秦皇岛)最低气温为-4℃至1℃,中南部地区各设区市为0℃至5℃;   后天(11月1日),大部地区最低气温继续下降,北部地区4设区市最低气温为-8℃至-5℃,中南部地区各设区市为-4℃至1℃;   11月2日,大部地区最低气温有所升高,北部地区4设区市最低气温为-4℃至0℃,中南部地区各设区市为-1℃至3℃。   雨和雪也要来了   我省未来3天天气预报:   30日夜间,石家庄、邢台、邯郸多云转阴有小雨或零星小雨,其他地区多云。   31日白天,石家庄、沧州及以南地区多云转晴,其他地区晴间多云。   31日夜间到11月1日,张家口南部、保定、石家庄北部有雨夹雪或零星小雪,其他地区多云转阴。   1日夜间到2日,东部地区多云转晴,其他地区晴间多云。   气象部门提醒,近期冷空气活动频繁,大部地区气温呈下降趋势,人们要注意添衣保暖,谨防感冒。   别处的娃还在纠结要不要穿秋裤,   河北的娃赶紧找棉裤吧!   光穿棉裤还不够,寒潮来了,这个保暖贴士一定得告诉身边人↓↓↓   上捂中燥下要松   上段要捂   人体热量大部分从头颈部散发。颈部受寒可能引发血管收缩和颈部肌肉痉挛,所以一定要戴围巾或穿高领衫,尤其不要让脖颈暴露在外。出门最好戴上口罩,不仅可以保暖,而且因为大风天尘土飞扬,呼吸道抵抗力下降,容易被病菌侵袭。   中段要燥   大家都知道冷空气来袭的那些天要多穿点,可是穿太厚又不舒服,怎么办?其实最好的保暖方法是做到“内贴中松外收口”,即内衣最好柔软贴身,中层衣服要吸汗、不紧,外套一定要防风,最好在领口、袖口、腰部、脚踝处有收口的设计。   下段要松   天气骤然变冷,人体毛细血管处于收缩状态。如果鞋袜过紧,压迫脚部,会影响脚部的血液循环,使脚变得更冷,所以鞋袜记得要穿宽松点哦!相关的主题文章: