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UnCategorized Holy .pany is an authentic method taught in the scriptures as well, and if correctly practiced, it can help anybody and almost everybody. There will however be many people, who are so constituted that they cannot take inner care of themselves in such detail, or because their conditions of living are not conducive to the practice of this discipline. To control the mind, we have to develop for ourselves two sets of inner disciplines: a.One set is for permanent basic operation, and, b.The other set is for providing a high-power of emergency brakes. The first set will give a general healthy direction to the mind while the second one will save us during emergency situations. If the first principle is not practiced, then we cannot make use of the second set at all, for the simple reason that the power supply for the second system .es from the first set of disciplines when these are effectively practiced. In the first set several basic disciplines are included: 1.Life must be held in proper frame of constructive thinking. There should be a routine for daily life and certain basic principles by which a sense of direction is given to whatever we do. There should also be certain moral .mitments by which our conduct should be guided. Those who do not have any moral or other principles, and no regularity of life, will find it almost impossible to control the mind. We have to bring rhythm into our life in order to control our mind properly. 2.To control the mind we must check its proverbial restlessness. To check its restlessness we must know the causes. What are the causes that cause restlessness of mind? The causes are the impurities of the mind. The control of mind depends on its purity. We are very often unable to control our mind because it is impure. If we live in a way which makes the mind impure, and at the same time, make hard efforts to control the mind, the whole thing will prove to be a farce. Now, what are these impurities? They are the appeals, whims and emotions like fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, deceit, temptation etc. These impurities cause restlessness in our mind by creating aversion, and thus rob it off tranquility! The impurities of our mind can steadily be removed by nurturing the mind with healthy food, and by bringing about a change in the constitution of mind. In order to change the constitution of our mind five basic things need to be followed: a.Free your heart from hatred. b.Always be happy. c.Expect less. d.Give more. e.Live simply. In fact these are the five basic rules to be happy. Happiness always, does contribute largely in changing the constitution of our mind. With the constitution of our mind being changed, all the impurities will be removed. This will help us to lead a better life by controlling our mind to a great extent. Moreover the Iskon people say always chant: "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare" and be happy!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: