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Marketing-Direct What are the ingredients that go into a successful home based business? The answer varies according to the culture you want to create. Just like there are a variety of flavors, textures, and tastes in the culinary world there are a variety of environments surrounding the business from home. One of the ingredients is self motivation. A self-starter is the most important attitude to have because it enables you to get results. Being able to initiate an idea or project to planning its progress and .pletion is an attribute required of everyone involved. Very closely associated with self-motivation is taking responsibility. Ownership of .pleting a task goes a long way toward team leadership as well as being a team player. There is a lot said about accountability and how it has a huge impact on success. Ownership of a project by ever person involved is just as powerful. Another essential ingredient is connecting with people. In marketing a product or service people are more readily persuaded if they feel a connection. An excellent example of this concept is the 1984 launch of Apples Macintosh .puter ad during Super Bowl XVIII. The .mercial aired only once nationally but connected with so many people globally that sales reach unexpected heights. The connection Apple made was on a very personal level that IBM refused to acknowledge. Connecting with potential customers and with team players smoothly blends the other ingredients together. Then there is the spices such as character and personality. A home based business in its very nature is an individual endeavor. It may be something that is duplicated but should always be seasoned with creativity. Taking what works for others who are entrepreneurs and incorporating, adjusting, and tweaking those ideas or techniques into your style is adding the spice that makes having a home based business so satisfying. In my years of helping others achieve the results they desire in business or their personal life I have proven that having an outside person who will take an objective approach is priceless. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: