How Can I Say Yes To My Best Life Today

Business Get a clear vision of what your best life looks like to you. Hold that vision in your minds eye and say yes to it. Feel the joy and happiness of being engaged in your best life. When you began to physically feel the joy of what your mind has envisioned, then you will experience the true power of the mind and the laws of attraction. Say yes to that vision and mean it. What does it mean to intentionally show up in my life? Many people think and believe that accident and coincidence are realities. Actually neither is true. You choose where, when, and how you appear. When you intentionally show up, it means you have a plan that you have .mitted to bringing into realization and are staying accountable to those Everything in our lives is planned and purposed because it’s how we chose to show up — even when we don’t realize it. How do I over.e my fears and step out to my destiny? Fear can be troubling for anyone, but you can over.e it with a lot of mentoring and teamwork! Taking any important step in life can be scary and without the right coaches and mentors, you may end up taking two steps backwards. Surround yourself with people who have experienced what youre going through and have positive advice and encouragement to offer. You destiny is waiting, and while youre the only person that can get you there, you certainly are allowed a bit of help along the way. What are the 3 Es of intentional fulfillment? The 3 Es of intentional fulfillment are Empower, Equip, and Encourage. Empowerment means having the knowledge you need to be intentional. WHAT is intention? HOW do I make it a part of my life? Equip means to get the tools, strategies, and resources you need to make your vision .e to pass. Encourage means surrounding yourself with a .munity of support who are as dedicated to your vision as you are. Participation in the Yes! Transformational .munity will provide you with the encouragement to see your way through to fulfillment. For more powerful insights on how a simple shift in your mindset can create staggering results in your business, download my FREE ebook, "7 Deadly Mindset Mistakesand How to Fix Them for Lasting Success in Business and Life" at OdellStunkard… About the Author: Odell Stunkard is an author, speaker and transformational teacher with over 30 years experience in service management. He has served as CAO, CFO, CEO and now co-owner of several businesses in his native Texas, where he currently resides, as well as Southeast Asia. Odell enjoys spending time hiking, traveling, reading as well as spending time with friends and family. His true passion is to teach about how to change ones story. His own story of abuse, manipulation, oppression, alcohol, drugs and poverty to stand in a place of joy, peace and prosperity is the passionate message he delivers to teach transformational life and business strategies. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: